sarah's lovey dovey style!

    sarah from auburn street is one lovely lady who definitely knows a thing or two about love - between her adorable pup and her tattooed hubby, she's surrounded by it! on her cute blog she's always sharing the little love books she makes him and the flowers he brings her. here are some of her words of wisdom on love and some helpful tips that are now written in my journal. :)


    Although Matt and I have only been married a little over a year, I feel like we have fallen into a rhythm that has kept our 'dating love' alive. So often, you hear about a couple getting married and then the passion/excitement fading away. And I can see how that might happen - you wake up and go to sleep next to the same person You see them at their best and their worst, and learn to either just live with or love some of their quirks.

    I'm no expert, but here are a few of the things that have kept us madly in love:

    1. Saying I Love You... and not just before bed/when hanging up the phone. Love notes are essential. As in reminding the other person you love them during a fight, and when you are just walking down the street.

    2. Embracing and seeking adventure together. Whether the adventure is just a long walk to a new part of town, eating at a crazy hole-in-the-wall, or a big move to a new city, new experiences are meant to be embraced. I find that during our crazy little normal life detours, our conversation swells and we have a chance to grow and enjoy a shared experience.

    3. Keeping a good balance of time with each other alone, time with friends, and time spent as a couple with friends. We are both extremely social people, and would spend way to much time socializing if we didn't make a conscious effort to keep a balance. In the same respect, if we were to spend all of our time together, we would miss out on the re-energizing effects of being with each of our friends. It's all about balance, right?

    4. Laughing. All the time. I know, I know, this seems like a given. But sometimes, forcing yourself to laugh at a situation instead of getting angry can keep the mood light instead of turning it into an argument over nothing. Between funny work stories, putting clothing on our dog, or just trying to lighten a difficult situation by bringing in some humor, making each other laugh can really remind us of why we like each other. And most of the time, that's a good thing to remember!

    All of these little things combine to make one big outlook on our relationship. It is my hope that by keeping this outlook, we will be able to keep our marriage and friendship not only alive, but thriving in the coming years.

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sarah's lovey dovey style!

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