Thoughts on Film Geek

    -Scotty is a (ahem) film geek, with an encyclopedic knowledge on anything of the subject, repelling those around him. Things change when he meets this chick, blah, blah.

    -This movie is really cheap looking. I'm just going to get that out of the way.

    -Scotty was obnoxious rather than endearing. He rattles off trivia in a robotic voice, walks about stiffly, going about his business with random interjections of him jacking off.

    -Love interest, Whasserface, was a snob.

    -And yet I loved this, people. I mean, one of the few things I can boast is that I'm not as singularly obsessed with film as this guy, but, like, I got it. Frustration over others' movie knowledge, the compulsory need to spout out all your knowledge of any actor given, being, like, really into film scores. This shit spoke to me. Yo.

    -Near the end, the film got ridiculously preposterous, but then director James Westby explains it in a pretty clever way (for all I know about cleverness).

    -Is it wrong that I like movies looking professional? I mean, this was very funny in places, but I was so distracted by the cheap lighting and sets and camera. I just...I can't stand it. If it looks like it was shot in a ninth grade film class, I get flashbacks.

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Thoughts on Film Geek

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