2009-2010 The Aprilia-RSV4

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    Next, the CTS-V. Cheaper, a hair quicker at 3.9 seconds to 60 mph, and little less luxurious in its accommodations, the CTS-V sedan has a lot going for it–556 things, actually, if you’re a horsepower fan. With a 6.2-liter V-8 engine supercharged to deliver instant torque, it’s fast from idle, and just keeps getting faster–right up to its 191 mph top speed (178 mph for the automatic). Like the Mercedes, it’s a thirsty beast, sucking down gas at the rate of 12/18 mpg with the automatic and 14/19 mpg with the manual. Therein lies one of the V’s big advantages: it’s available with a stick. While the automatics in both the V and the E63 are impressive units that can get more out of the car than most drivers can, there’s an element of purity to a manual ‘box.
    Aside from the raw stats, there’s the issue of image or brand cachet. Some wouldn’t be caught dead slumming it in a GM car of any label, while others might feel like they’d be shot dead driving a high-dollar German car through the Heartland. It’s a matter of personal preference that can’t be boiled down to an easy formula. But it’s definitely a major factor in spending for either car.

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    2009-2010 The Aprilia-RSV4

    Aprilia RSV4 Max Biaggi Replica Photo
    95 RON unleaded petrol.

    Bore and stroke
    97 x 67.5 mm.

    997.62 cc.

    Compression ratio

    Maximum power at the crank
    102 kW (139 HP) at 9,500 rpm.

    Maximum torque at the crank
    10.9 kgm (107 Nm) at 8,500 rpm.

    Fuel system
    Integrated electronic engine management system. Indirect multi-point electronic fuel injection. 57 mm diameter throttle bodies. 10.3 litre airbox with Air Runner ram air intake.

    Digital electronic ignition, integrated with the fuel injection system. One spark plug per cylinder.

    Electric starter.

    Exhaust system
    Two silencers with three way catalytic converter and lambda probe oxygen sensor (Euro 3).

    12 V – 500 W.

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2009-2010 The Aprilia-RSV4

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