2010 The A1-Audi Detail Review


    The 2010 Audi A1 has arrived with an exterior style similar to that of Mini Cooper and provides both the front wheel drive as well as all wheel drive mechanism options. However, there's some serious bad news for the US Audi fans. As per the latest reports, until 2015, the new A1 will be not delivered in US markets by the Audi, because of tax issues posed by the American Government. Audi has decided to release the second generation version of Audi A1 in 2015 in the automotive market of United States.

    2010 The A1-Audi Detail Review


    The new Audi A1 has not yet hit the roads, but motorists are already queuing up to place their order. Some are so keen that they are willing to pay up to 24 thousand pounds - which is a considerable fee when you consider that the list price begins at 12 thousand.

    In total there were 2000 A1s available to pre-order and they have all been sold ahead of deliveries which are set to begin in the New Year.

    Those that did purchase the car before the New Year however will have beaten the VAT rise which is set to take place in January - so they will have saved some money there!

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2010 The A1-Audi Detail Review

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