Absolute Revo Transformed into SPOR SUPERCROSS

    Absolute Revo BEFORE Transformed

    Absolute Revo AFTER Transformed

    Absolute Revo Transformed into SPOR SUPERCROSS

    Technical Development Manager of Astra Honda Motor, Tri Agus Bayuseno, said, "The engine is the same, same chassis, same electrical system as well. The difference is only in appearance and design. "

    Honda currently has two products in the class that is Blade, which was launched last December, and Absolute Revo this weekend. Absolute Difference packaging Revo with this Blade for marketing purposes.

    Agus said the Honda designed the Revo for family users, while Blade for young users.

    The presence of the Blade does not make you anxious "player" another 110 cc. Yamaha Absolute Revo peluncurun responded casually.

    "We do not worry, we are ready with Vega R," said Marketing Manager for Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia Bambang Asmara Budi. "In fact, Revo can be squashed because we have a Jupiter Z in the class."

    Suzuki said the auto market was still a good class, "Rather said, though crowded," said Marketing Director International Commerce Indomobil, Darmawan Editjahjono.

    Last year sales of class under the 125 cc motorcycles exceeded 1.8 million units from 6.2 million total sales.
    Comparison of Absolute Revo, Vega Yamaha, Suzuki Smash, and the Blade:

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Absolute Revo Transformed into SPOR SUPERCROSS

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