All Body Color Toyota Prius

    According to Toyota they have not made a single replacement of their battery till date.

    Toyota's nickel metal hybrid batteries are expected to last for 150,000 miles while other brands are estimated to last for only 36,000 miles or three years. This estimation of the Toyota Prius battery life has been based on the laboratory bench testing.

    Statements regarding the Toyota Prius battery life by Toyota say the life of their Prius batteries is not determined by the time. Rather they are calculated depending upon the mileage. It has proved to be worthy of 180,000 miles quite easily. But they also state that some Prius batteries sold, already are running for more than 200,000 miles without having any problems.
    All Body Color Toyota Prius
    Red Mica metallic Body Color Toyota Prius
    Silver metallic Body Color Toyota Prius
    White peart crystal shine Body Color Toyota Prius
    aqua blue metallic Body Color Toyota Prius
    Super white II Body Color Toyota Prius

    The Toyota Prius battery warranty is a great warranty compared to any other hybrid battery warranty. For any reason your Prius battery fails to offer you good service or your battery life expires the Toyota Prius battery warranty will get your car fixed right away without any extra charges.

    If you live in the US then your Toyota Prius battery warranty will be for a period of eight years or 100,000 miles. If you are not satisfied with your Toyota Prius battery all you need to do is contact the dealer to get your battery replaced free of cost during the warranty period.

    When you happen to live in California then under the California Standard Emissions State, you have an advantage because your Toyota warranty is not for eight years but for ten years and the mileage being 150,000 miles and not 100,000 miles. It offers all the same options as the US standard Toyota battery warranty however because of California law you get a better warranty.

    Usually it is seen that the problems regarding the Toyota Prius arise after the time span of seven to eight years. After this time the battery starts slowing down and starts to have bad performance on the road and gradually dies off. This is the time when you as an owner of the Toyota Prius have to make the decision regarding replacement of your battery.

    While considering this fact it is found that the customers who are very specifically brand loyal run to the Toyota dealers immediately for a new replacement battery. This is the best possible option for you if you are a non-price sensitive customer and will cost you around $4000.

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All Body Color Toyota Prius

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