Autumn Weekend

    The leaves on our trees out front are mostly still all green, but the whirly-gigs are raining down like crazy from the maple trees, so it won't be long until the leaves on it turn yellow.

    Some of my neighbors have color in their trees.  This one is in the yard behind ours.

    This one is just a little way down the street from us.

    And some of my neighbors need to get busy with their rakes and leaf blowers because their leaves are on the ground already.

    The giant leaves in the park have already fallen too.  I put one on what is left of the stump of a tree that was cut down and also on a park bench to show how big they are.

    There are a few trees in the park that still have their leaves on and are still pretty though.

    I was walking at dusk on Saturday night and when I came around this bend in the road in the park, I thought the street light and the yellow leaves in the trees around it made the road seem almost to glow.  When I took a picture there, it looked like the street was paved in gold. 

    The next one I took just a little further around the bend.  It is a little blurry, but I think that just adds to the magic of it and made it have a more dreamlike quality.

    Of course, as I so often have done, I took a picture of the sunset over the soccer fields as I headed on my way back home.  It was very peaceful and pretty.  I liked the way the trees and leaves silhouetted against the pink and purple colors.

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Autumn Weekend

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