THE BEST Brudeli-654L Leanster
    THE BEST Brudeli-654L Leanster

    The 2008 Brudeli 654L Leanster is the production version of the Brudeli 625L prototype revealed in 2005. The 654L Leanster is a three-wheel tilting trike which uses the engine and transmission of a KTM 690 Supermoto.

    The Brudeli 654L Leanster is best described as a cross between a motorcycle and an ATV-quad bike. It has the ability to lean into corners like a conventional motorbike, but also the stability of a quad bike. During cornering the footboards remain parallel to the ground, while the rest of the vehicle, including the two front wheels lean at an angle of up to 45 degrees. The tilting mechanism is entirely mechanical leaving the rider in complete control.
    THE BEST Brudeli-654L Leanster

    Having two front wheels also means the 654L Leanster can brake in a shorter distance than a comparable two-wheel motorcycle as there is an extra brake disk and another tire-to-ground contact patch.

    The design of the Bradley 654L Leanster was created by Atle Stubberud from Soon Design. Atle said of the vehicle, "This really is a dream project for a transportation designer. Nearly like a student project where you could start with a completely open mind. I have been involved since the idea was first formulated in 2001."

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THE BEST Brudeli-654L Leanster

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