well it's been over a week since we've been back from our honeymoon and i'd like to say that things are getting back to normal, but i'm not really sure what "normal" is for our life these days.
    i mean, technically we've lived in l.a. for over two months now, but most of that time has been consumed with planning our wedding. we never really set up a way of life in our new home, we don't have jobs yet, and we don't have any schedules or routines. it feels... well, weird!
    as much as i hate routines, i think i am definitely needing to create some in my life right now, and i'm looking at this week {what's left of it anyway} as an exciting chance to start fresh!

    and because a blog is such a great place to make declarations and be held accountable... here's my list of things to accomplish over the next couple weeks:

    * wake up by 9am every day {i know this seems late, but i never forced myself to overcome my jet lag and i've been waking up at 11a or 12p - shameful!}.
    * send off my paperwork for my intern number {so i'll be a totally legitimate therapist and can start applying for jobs!}.
    * create & send thank you cards for our wedding gifts.
    * practice the ukulele!!!
    * read, and then get rid of, all my magazines.
    * exercise every day {i really fell out of practice with this when i moved. my goal, though, is to solve fights with dannon by arm wrestling, so i gotta get beefed up!}.
    * set up a site for all our friends and family to upload their photos of our wedding {we're dying to see them all!}.
    * meet people and make friends in our new city {don't you wish there was a place you could pick up friends like you can with hot guys at a bar?}.
    * and most importantly - network, get involved in my field, and apply for jobs!!!

    now if only i had a super colorful and fun {and maybe girly} office in which i could get all this done! i guess i'll just have to pretend.

    {pretty pictures found here and here}

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