hey hey, it's the weeeekend!

    you have no idea how excited i am that the weekend is finally here. now i can have guilt-free laziness, and not at all think about how badly i need a job. woohoo!

    this week has actually been pretty successful and entertaining. first of all, we got our framed elephant painting! YAY! and just to be clear, when i say "elephant painting," i mean that one of the elephants where we worked on our honeymoon actually painted this:

    ridiculously cool right?!

    dannon also came home one day and gave me a hula hoop! you can imagine my excitement, i'm sure. did you know that hula hooping is extremely good exercise? especially if you have hurt knees that make regular exercise difficult, like me. and did you also know it's extremely hard to stay angry or in a bad mood when you hula hoop? especially when it has lights on it that light up when it twirls around you.
    this is all true!!!

    i also started an art journal where i'm sorting out some deeper things in life. it always feels good when i do some self-work. when i was in grad school for psychology, becoming a better person and working out my issues was basically my homework. now i'm having to make that a priority just because it's good for me, not because a grade depends on my self-reflections. so i'm going to try to work in my art journal a little every day, with all sorts of prompts that i think would be helpful to think about. such as: things i wish for, things i'd like to change, things i'd like to celebrate, who i want to be, and things i'm afraid of {more than spiders - eek!}. have you ever done something like this? how did it work for you?

    plus i discovered all sorts of great things around the interweb! for instance, have you heard of hyperbole and a half? i discovered it this week thanks to jayni and it's the funniest thing i've ever seen... yup, even more than the seal and penguin! seriously, my abs ache and i pulled some throat muscles from laughing so hard.

    here is just a teensy excerpt from the post "7 games you can play with a brick:"

    1. "Brick Tag"
    The rules of brick tag are simple: if you get hit by the brick, you're "it." You can also play brick freeze-tag, but it is not recommended since a game involving blunt-force trauma to the head doesn't really need to be complicated by not being able to tell if your friends are dead or just not "unfrozen" yet.

    and then there's this chart from the post "this is why i'll never be an adult:"

    really funny right?! you are welcome.

    i've also been enjoying some awesome free music from downplayer, great episodes of this american life, and the los angeles craigslist job ads {a bikini bartender? a stunt double? uh, sure, my masters in psychology qualifies me for those...}.

    things that i'm SUPER sad about? i missed two concerts this week - my friend john's half-handed cloud show, and sufjan stevens's show {who my friend john plays trombone for}.
    [insert woeful violin music here] GAH! i missed them!!! [fallen to my knees now] i missed them BOTH!!! [arms reaching up to the heavens] no! NOOOOO!!!


    as for the weekend plans, we have LOTS of them!
    we're going to look at some used cars {let's go volvo!},
    commission a couch,
    check out an obama porn art exhibit in honor of obama's visit to l.a. {which may be slightly confusing...},
    maybe head over to the album release party of some of our college classmates' band kid infinity {check them out, they're pretty great!},
    and attend our friends' wedding!!!

    i'm so excited, especially about that last part!


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hey hey, it's the weeeekend!

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