Is It More Expensive to Eat Well?

    I think not. And I've partnered with the awesome Jenn Campus (aka The Leftover Queen) to tell you why not on today's blog post on Eating Rules.

    Like Jenn, I don't go to the grocery store much any more. Initially, I stopped going because the more I shopped elsewhere, the better my food tasted. And that's all it was, a taste preference. On that basis, I thought for sure my grocery bill would go up, but, in fact, the opposite occurred. By shopping the local farmers markets and meat markets and, of course, by making an effort to cook nearly every meal, my food budget has dropped by 30 to 35 percent in the last year. And so has Jenn's. Which means buying local, in season, etc. goes beyond just taste: it's simply common sense.

    Read more about it here!

    While you're there, take a look around at what other folks are doing for the Unprocessed Challenge during the month of October and dare to take the challenge yourself!

    My personal thanks to Rebecca, Priscilla and Dan, without whom it would have taken me who knows how many years longer to come to my senses regarding how I shop and cook.

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Is It More Expensive to Eat Well?

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