Off to Mail Some Letters...Or Not

    I had some letters ready to mail late today, so I decided to walk downtown to mail them instead of walking through the park as I usually do.  I also wanted to show you how our hospital has changed, but I took so many pictures that I decided to save the hospital shots for another post. I also took a slew of  sunset photos which I will also post another time. So this post will just be of some of the sights along the way and some views of downtown Saturday night here.
    I liked the way this bright red stop sign stood out against the yellow leaves of the tree behind it.

    I came across a spot in the sidewalk where there were a lot of these pods.  They fall from some sort of tree.  I'm not sure what kind.  The pods are really long, about a foot or so each, and they have what looks like beans or seeds inside of them.  I think they are a nuisance.  There was one of these trees in the yard next door to my Mom's house.  The pods would fall over into her yard and they are very difficult to rake up.  They keep getting caught up in the tines of the rake, and you have to pull them out by hand.  I'm glad Mom's house has been sold, and I won't have to worry about raking the beans out of her yard this fall.

    Another reason I don't like these bean pods is that at first glance, it looks like you have a yard full of snakes!!

    I don't know what this tree is called either, but maybe one of my readers will know.  I liked the pretty red and orange leaves with the prickly little balls (some sort of seed, I assume) mixed among them.

    This was about the time the street lights came on.  There were lots of pink clouds in the sky.  I liked the red trees down the street there too if you can see them there.

    I'm getting almost to downtown now.  You can see the courthouse in the center here.  There are more pink clouds in the sky to see too.

    This building is a restaurant, and as I walked past it, I could smell something wonderful cooking in there, but I don't know what it was. I hadn't eaten supper yet, and it made me hungry.  I wanted you to see the front of this building.  It is a rather old building, but the outside has been refurbished and painted and made to look like brand new.

    Over the summer, my town did a major renovation of the sidewalks around our town square.  You can see here the new sidewalks with brick on either side.  The street lights with hanging flowers are also all new.  That's our movie theater there on the left part way down the street.

    Across the street from the movie theater is our courthouse square.   The courthouse here always reminds me of the courthouse on the town square in the movie "Back to the Future."

    This is the gazebo on the square where the city band plays in the summer time.

    I saw this bush loaded with bright orange berries on the lawn of the courthouse.  I don't know what it is called, but it was certainly eye-catching.

    This is another of the renovations they did this summer.  They added this small park like area to the courthouse lawn with a wooden teeter-totter and a climbing or sitting structure for the kids here on the right.

    To the left is a semi-circle of park benches...

    and in the middle are some pretty bushes and a street light.

    Well, funny thing is, I walked downtown to mail some letters, but the mailbox where I usually go, wasn't there. Apparently, when things were renovated, they moved or removed the mailbox from where it used to be.  I could have walked a few blocks farther to the post office to mail the letters, but I decided to just head for home instead.

    Anybody need a taxi?  This is our one and only taxi here in town.  =)    I did read in the local paper the other day, though, that the city is considering starting up a small bus or shuttle type service here.  That is still in the planning stages.

    I passed this marquee sign in front of the Arts Building on the way home.  My son will be playing in this orchestra concert advertised here.  He and his quintet are also scheduled to play during the intermission between the orchestra performance and the choir performance.  And, as if that weren't enough, he and his girlfriend are playing another duet in her church in the morning tomorrow, too.  My other son is home for the weekend now, so our weekend is quite full this time around.

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Off to Mail Some Letters...Or Not

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