PIT BOSS 2011 Ford F350

    PIT BOSS 2011 Ford F350

    For last year's changes, the list included increased tow ratings across the board, with best-in-class maximum towing rating of 17,000 pounds; class-leading payload for Super Duty pickups - taking it up to 5,800 pounds of cargo in the F-350 dually, which on the average, payload improves 500 to 1000 pounds for F-250 and F-350 pickups; TowCommand(TM) System which is a combination of standard and optional features that makes towing easier, and added in is an industry-first factory-installed trailer brake controller; unsurpassed power that includes the segment's most powerful gasoline engine which is the 6.8 liter, 3-valve Triton(TM) V-10 with 355 hp and 455 pound-feet of torque; the best-selling 6.0 liter Power Stroke® diesel has been increased to 570 pound-feet of torque; a new front suspension and improved steering for a better ride, handling and maneuverability in 4X4 pickups and all F-450 and F-550 chassis cabs; best-in-class braking made with larger rotors and larger, stiffer calipers plus the parking brake is done larger and stronger; and topping it all up is the stronger and tougher frame to support all the workload.


    When people think of diesel engines what they usually think of is a loud semi rumbling by, emitting foul-smelling, thick, black exhaust. So why is diesel fuel now being called a clean alternative to gas? Simply put, the diesel fuel of today is much different than the diesel fuel of yesterday. Because of new clean-diesel technology -- the introduction of ultra low-sulfur diesel fuel -- diesel is now as clean as gasoline. Because of the low-sulfur diesel fuel, cars powered by diesel can now employ the use of catalytic converters, filters and other exhaust treatments, stripping diesel of foul-smelling pollutants. What makes diesel engines better for the environment than gasoline powered engines is the better mileage provided by diesel. Diesel engines are on average roughly 30% more efficient than gas engines, which means if you own a diesel powered car or truck you burn 30% less fuel. Given the marked difference in mileage, buying a car or light truck powered by diesel as opposed to gasoline seems like a no-brainer. Unfortunately, there are other considerations that make the decision much more complex; specifically, the cost of diesel-powered vehicles, the difference in the fuel cost of diesel versus gasoline, and the availability of diesel powered cars and light trucks.

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PIT BOSS 2011 Ford F350

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