rain, rain, you can stay...

    ...at least for just a couple more days! i'm actually LOVING all the rain and fog and cool{ish} weather we've been having in l.a. it finally feels a little like fall, and just a wee bit like san francisco. i even got to pull out the ole yellow galoshes!

    the dark, rainy days has also made me really excited because it makes for perfect tea weather, or curl-up-with-a-good-book weather. it also makes for some lovely hiking weather! yup, we've been going hiking lately in griffith park. i love how close we are to such easy walking trails in nature. plus, you know, there are such great views!

    here's the hollywood sign:

    and here's a view of downtown:

    you'll have to forgive me, i'm not the best photographer... seriously though, it's actually quite lovely to walk in griffith park on yucky days because there are very few people there and we saw about a dozen coyotes throughout our hike! Nature!!!

    this weather has also made for great baking weather! i whipped up some mini pumpkin pies this weekend, which were perfect for sharing. i also tried making chai lattes from scratch... i made a bunch of different versions... and they were all incredibly disgusting! ah well, i guess i'm not so good with the tea. i'll just stick to the pies.

    what's your favorite thing to do when it's rainy?

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rain, rain, you can stay...

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