RUF's Porsche 911 Roadster is Less 'Ruf' and More 'Tuf'

    In 1967, Porsche launched its first Targa variant of the 911. This incredible and oh-so-stylish vehicle had a removable fabric roof panel above the front seats and a convertible-like folding rear window. In a matter of seconds it could be transformed from a pseudo-hardtop into a convertible with built-in rollbar. In the 1980s, customers could option a non-collapsible glass rear window for that extra piece of mind.

    Nowadays, the Targa is simply a Porsche 911 with some chrome trim and a sliding glass roof. Bo-ring. Clearly someone at Ruf agrees with me, as they have launched a new model that emulates the 911 Targas of the late 1960s.

    Called the Ruf Roadster, it features two removable roof panels made of carbon fibre and a folding rear window. It even has the stainless steel-effect rollbar of the original Targa. My inner fanboy is very happy. Five-spoke 19 inch forged aluminium wheels complement the car nicely.

    The Roadster will be available with either a non-turbo 294 kw (400 hp) or a turbo 412 kw (450 hp) six-cylinder boxer engine and a six speed manual gearbox. A dual clutch 'box and four-wheel drive are also available as an option, with pricing starting around the €195,000 (US$274,440) mark.

    Ruf is also planning a limited run of "eRuf Roadsters", which will be electric powered.

    By Tristan Hankins


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RUF's Porsche 911 Roadster is Less 'Ruf' and More 'Tuf'

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