Skyline King - Someone that thinks he knows - but doesn't

    I saw a few links from this site to this one.
    "True DOT/NHTSA legalization to a Skyline R34 GT-R has never been achieved. The "motorex" R34 vehicles out there did receive a DOT bond release but NOT because the car was legalized.."
    Not true. The NHTSA DOT bond released about 12 R34 GT-R's for the US. The same as the other R32,R33 GT-R's under VCP-17. The letter that he is referring to is for some of the last cars that were not released by the NHTSA when the NHTSA was investigating Motorex.
    "Everyone with a Bond released R34 GT-R in the USA has that paper. None of them were actually modified in any way to comply with anything."
    Not true. There are R34 GT-R's with bond releases.
    "However, it is currently impossible to petition the DOT for a bond release for any R34 GT-R Skyline thanks to MotorEx.
    Therefore, no more R34 GT-R skylines may be imported.
    If you attempt such a foolish act, this may happen to you:"
    Again, not true. You can petition the NHTSA if you want. Its not a problem. Just because something is difficult and expensive, does not make it impossible

    "I do not deal in "MotorEx" cars, as they are "targets". Their Vin# is registered so that anytime you buy or sell one, you MUST submit your personal name/address/phone to the NHTSA/DOT when you buy it so they can keep track of who owns it and where it is. There are also FRAUDULENT "MotorEx" vehicles on the market, vehicles that claim to be "MotorEx" cars and have seemingly good "paperwork" but were never actually imported by MotorEx.
    There are alot more of these than you think there are... and they usually fetch a much higher price... so people use the term "MotorEx" and flash some forged documents around to line their pockets with cash. "
    One false misinformed statement after another. You can check the NHTSA for information on a bond released car, but they are not tracking you. You are not a target. If you have a question on a car, get the chassis number and call the NHTSA - 202-366-5291. If there is or was a fraudulent car, you can always ask me. I know most of the US cars.

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Skyline King - Someone that thinks he knows - but doesn't

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