Survey Finds that BMW Drivers are the Angriest on Britain’s Roads

    If I had a dollar for every time I was honked at, tailgated or called something unsavory on the road, I would be a very rich man. And it seems that the worst for this sort of behavior, at least according to a recent UK survey, are BMW drivers - feel free to insert your own joke about iDrive. If you want to see a frustrated / angry BMW driver in action, check out this... enlightening video.

    The results were released by, a UK insurance comparison site, that asked some 3,000 UK motorists about their opinion on road rage. Scroll down for their findings.

    -Over 50% drivers polled said they had suffered a "bad experience" at the hands of a BMW driver.

    -17% had a "bad experience" with a motorist in the last week.

    -23% confronted a motorist who got out of their car after an altercation.

    -10% have been involved in accidents they claim was a direct result of road rage.

    -11% were forced to make an insurance claim after an encounter with an angry motorist.

    -90% claim men are more likely to show signs of road rage than women.

    -65% claim they encounter one intimidating driver every hour.

    -The most frightening behavior on Britain's roads is tailgating (58%), other drivers pulling out in front (40%) and speeding (39%).

    -40% get worried when they see others undertaking or driving faster in the inside lane.

    -37% feel nervous when others flash their headlights to indicate they want to overtake.

    -32% are shocked to receive a rude hand gesture.



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    Lee Griffin,'s Chief Operating Officer said about the poll:

    "There really is no excuse for bad behavior and loss of tempers on the road, and we would recommend anyone who is feeling angry or emotional thinks twice before getting in the car. It only takes one wrong decision or thoughtless maneuver to cause a really serious accident - and if you're thinking about waving an angry fist at someone, your full attention isn't on the road."

    By Tristan Hankins

    Via: Telegraph

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Survey Finds that BMW Drivers are the Angriest on Britain’s Roads

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