Thoughts on Fear(s) of the Dark (Peur[s] du noir)

    -Several animators, including Charles Burns and Blutch, contribute short horror films, in a variety of styles and topics, surrounded by the Blutch-animated pencil-sketch beauty of a man with four rabid dogs, and the ink blot-like musings of a woman and her fears, that is never truly resolved until the credits.

    -Beautiful animation. Just gorgeous.

    -My main concern was, like most anthologies, these wouldn't fit well together, but for the most part, they did. One story, about a Japanese schoolgirl with disturbing nightmares, felt incomplete, one half shown, then another story, then the other half, and it's not until the credits that you realize it'll never be resolved.

    -I know that the omnipresent ink-blot story will probably be unpopular, but I liked it. Then again, I'm a sucker for philisophical musing.

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Thoughts on Fear(s) of the Dark (Peur[s] du noir)

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