Thoughts on Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence

    -The homoerotic tensions between Japanese and Korean soldiers and the various prisoners of a WWII POW camp.

    -Specifically: The young camp commander, Captain Yonoi (Ryuichi Sakamoto, who also did the lovely score), Jack Celliers (David Bowie), a rebellious British prisoner with the best blonde dye job this side of World War Two, Lt. Colonel John Lawrence (Tom Conti), the only one of the prisoners who can speak both English and Japanese, and therefore acts as liason between the two, and Sergeant Hara (Takeshi Kitano, in his first major acting role), seemingly ruthless but develops a begrudging friendship with Lawrence.

    -There's an extended flashback that features David Bowie, 1980s David Bowie (already well into his 30s-40s) in schoolboy garb, hanging out amongst his supposed schoolboy peers, and generally pretending to be, like, 16. Therefore, I refuse to take that scene seriously.

    -Nagisa Ôshima, from the two movies I've seen of his (this and Taboo, the latter of which expands on the ideas of the former), he's really fascinated by gay Samurai.

    -Jack Thompsan, with his North Africa-stationed British uniform and glorious mustache, reminds me of the dad from The Wild Thornberries. Remember that show? I fucking do.

    -G'night, ladies and gentlemen.

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Thoughts on Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence

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