Thoughts on The Secret of Kells

    -First off: Irish movies are awesome. By proxy, anyway. I mean, Irish accents are so damn awesome, even their shit movies are fun just to listen to them all talk Brendan Gleason (who is also in every single Irish movie. It's the law).

    -Anyway. In the time when Vikings were hardcore, and not Halloween costumes, the Abbey of Kells fortifies itself from the fast-approaching armies. An old monk/illuminator (I have no idea what that is) entrusted with the sacred, yet-unwritten Book of Kells (then Iona). A young boy, nephew of the Abbot, is soon entrusted with the future of the book.

    -I was expecting this to be some fanciful kid movie, and besides some shadows of implied future and brief cutaways to pillaged villages, it is. Until the last half hour. Where, if you know a lick of Irish history, shit gets real.

    -But oh, how beautiful the animation is. A combination of contemporary animation and classic Irish, in the style of actual drawings from the Book, a unique look that sets it apart from any other animated film I've seen.

    -I take back any Ponyo-related complants I've had in the past against this movie. Truly, it should've been The Princess and the Frog that had my grudge.

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Thoughts on The Secret of Kells

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