Unique car-shaped house is sustainable but not mobile

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    Eco Factor: Eco-friendly house equipped with energy saving systems.
    The Voglreiter Auto Residence is an unusual car-shaped house located near Salzburg, Austria. This unique dwelling has been created by designer Markus Voglreiter, who initially purchased a 70’s style house but wanted it to look different than all other houses in the area.
    voglreiter auto residence_2
    This “vehicle” house includes wheels but it isn’t mobile. This compact house doesn’t lack any comfort and accommodates two generation of families in two separate portions of the “car”. Moreover, the project features sustainable technologies and energy saving systems that includes a “3 liter” energy efficient heating and insulation technique that optimizes all current building technologies, drastically reducing energy consumption.
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Unique car-shaped house is sustainable but not mobile

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