Vilner Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT600: "Bulgarian Job, but a Nice One"

    That's the title that came with the press release on Vilner's Jeep Grand Cherokee tune that arrived in our mailbox, and we just had to use it. After all, it's always refreshing to see people in the auto industry with a sense of humor. Now, onto the little bit of info on this 600-horsepower Jeep.

    Vilner, a Bulgarian tuner, has crafted this ├╝ber-luxurious interior for the SRT600 Grand Cherokee. The Bulgarian tuner says the car has a "Vortech" turbo system (likely a Hennessey unit, as it's an SRT600) and, as you can see for yourself, a sea of grey leather and Alcantara highlighted by carbon fiber trim.

    Other than that, there isn't much to say. Enjoy the pics below and don't forget to take a look at the press release which includes some hit catch phrases such as "your chances to sit in this car are close to zero" and "it smells like a LOT (and) expensive leather".

    By Phil Alex

    Link: Vilner


    Bulgarian job but a nice one (believe it or not!)

    The most powerful Grand Cherokee, which you can spot in Bulgaria was finished in … Bulgaria. Surprised, ah? And if the turbo was made by the Californians from Vorteh, perfectly installed by the tuners of Overdive, the interior of this flying off-road coach is a pure Bulgarian job. And it smells like a LOT (and) expensive leather.

    Since your chances to sit in this car are close to zero, we will tell you what you can find in there and what you cannot. Then you can brag about as if someone gave you a ride with the strongest Grand Cherokee in Bulgaria.

    The interior is in different nuances of the grey, plus a pinch or two of carbon to taste, as the most rounded TV cook would say. Bulgarian studio Vilner turned the whole jeep inside out in order to redress its interior only in a stylish combination of leather and alcantara. Since everyone talk about the latter but no one knows that exactly it is (and why the hell one small saloon of alcantara burdens the invoice for your brand new car with at least several thousand EUR), we will explain it out loud. Alcantara is not deerskin but only pure artificial high-tech microfiber. So high-tech that it is offered for the same price as leather, however it is easily cleaned, highly durable, looks like expensive velveteen and it is perfect for the ceiling, front panel, seats, steering-wheel or for the door panels.

    Back to the interior of the red Grand Cherokee – it has carbon on the gears, hand brake, and steering-wheel. Actually, they are dressed in carbon leather, which perfectly imitates the outrageously expensive real carbon. If you are such a nut, Vilner could do this for you too. Their goal in the case with the brutal Grand Cherokee, however, was to create the feeling of something much more special than the original plastic-fantastic interior of each modern Jeep.

    The whole grey composition in the project is surmounted with red seams, which discreetly remind of the magnificent red paintjob of the vehicle. Each of the seats, as well as the ceiling, are with designer prints with woven inscription "600 SRT". The number shows the number of horses under the front hood and the second one, in the language of Grand Cherokee, means V8 engine from the Street and Racing Technology series of Chrysler.

    VILNER EOOD was incorporated in 1996, and since 2010 the Vilner brandname has already been patented. The company relies on high quality and professionalism, aiming at being different from the others and it has raised its standards alone in order to be competitive. The services that it provides are design of interior furnishing of vehicles and buildings, additional noise-isolation of the coupe, diode lighting, designer solutions with carbon, piano varnish and aluminum, sound-screening and multimedia for vehicles, upholstering children carseats with leather, individual design of Vertu telephones, etc. The company policy is to prepare in advance the project's design, so that the client could see how it would look like and to start work only after it gets the client's approval.


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Vilner Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT600: "Bulgarian Job, but a Nice One"

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