Went to see Kaboom

    R and I went to see Kaboom (Gregg Araki, 2010). I've seen every Araki movie, repeatedly. I adore the guy. I love his aesthetics, his PoMo fun, etc. His actors are always to die for. Kaboom is filled almost to excess with superhot people in superhot shots. But, I don't know, for the first time ever, an Araki disappoints me, a bit. Maybe if anybody else had made Kaboom I'd just love it, period. But when you're used to someone always giving you so much... Sometimes the plot felt like it was there just as a pretext to show the superhot people in the superhot shots, which would be fine if it were sold as such, but it's not. Oh well. I'd pay to see anything with Thomas Dekker in it, anyway; and everybody else's more than fine, including David Bowie's Julian Temple's daughter Juno Temple playing London.

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Went to see Kaboom

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