Went to see Les Amours imaginaires

    October 17, 2010. R and I went to see Les Amours imaginaires (Xavier Dolan, 2010). Better than J'ai tué ma mère. An amazing exercise in style. Remarkable. So beautiful. Constant references (1960s French nouvelle vague, Audrey Hepburn, etc.), weird moments when Canadian Dolan films like Scorcese. Nothing much happens (precisely, the "amours" are "imaginaires"), but that's not the point. The three of them are gorgeous, not in a clichéd way, their beauty has personality. Xavier Dolan the director manages to eroticize Xavier Dolan the actor / Francis to extremes, but it's not basic narcissism, it goes much further than that (the narcissism of the other character is what the movie is about). The way he repeatedly eroticizes the nape of his neck in particular will become a landmark in twenty-first century movies. And to think Dolan is so young! Oh, and it's funny.

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Went to see Les Amours imaginaires

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