2011-2012 Test Drive Volkswagen Golf-R

    2011-2012 Test Drive Volkswagen Golf-R

    Volkswagen Golf MK6 happens to be built upon the same platform on which the Volkswagen Golf MK5 is built, the PQ35. Although MK6 is a new model, there are very few notable differences between the MK5 and the MK6. If you look closely, you will find those in the general architecture and the door frame with the side glasshouse. The new car has improved in the wheelbase section and the car roof along with the improved suspension mechanism. After all these, the predominant reason to buy the used cars Volkswagen golf, and specially the MK6 version would be for the fact that it has increased fuel efficiency.

    2011-2012 Test Drive Volkswagen Golf-R

    2011-2012 Test Drive Volkswagen Golf-R

    This transition from air cooled to water cooled engines was in part thanks to Volkswagen's access to Audi technology.

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2011-2012 Test Drive Volkswagen Golf-R

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