2011 New Design Nissan Juke

    2011 New Design Nissan Juke

    Two vehicles that were unsurprisingly included on the list were the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf. Though both models have yet to be fully released, they each have a strong chance to win based on their heavily-hyped game-changer status alone. General Motors has been heavily pushing the Chevy Volt as a fuel-efficient compromise for many Americans, while Nissan took a risk by going fully electric straight out of the gate. It remains to be seen how these cars will do when they hit the market, but either makes a strong case for Car of the Year.

    2011 New Design Nissan Juke

    2011 New Design Nissan Juke

    By now, most people have heard of Bonita Norris who climbed her way into the record books by becoming the youngest Briton ever to summit the world's highest peak - Mount Everest. She made headlines around the world and her remarkable feat, coupled with her model good looks, have made her a household name - at least in her native United Kingdom.

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2011 New Design Nissan Juke

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