All New Mercedes Benz SLK

    This four cylinder SLK230 has good advantage only in city driving where it gives 11l/100 kames. Highway data is at 8L/100 kms. If you are really a fan of AMG tuned cars, you should not keep fuel economy factor in mind. SLK32 AMG is rated at 12.5L/100 kms in the city and 9.5L/100 kms on the highway. SLK's basic mechanical parts, engines and transmissions work well according to Consumer Reports, but the magazine also informs us of few of troubles relating to electric part for some earlier models. 1999 model gets the CR's recommended points, for other models of 1997, 2000 or 2003 there were not an conclusive reports we there as there was no enough data there. SLK was again revised to a greater extend in 2004 with enhanced performance in mind

    Top Ten Stolen & Recovered Cars for 2010:

    1. BMW X5
    2. Land Rover Range Rover
    3. BMW M3
    4. Land Rover Defender
    5. Mercedes Benz MI
    6. Audi RS4
    7. Mercedes Benz SLK
    8. Mercedes Benz CLK
    9. Audi TT
    10. Audi Q7 / Porsche 911 / Porsche Boxster / Subaru Impreza

    All New Mercedes Benz SLK

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All New Mercedes Benz SLK

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