BMW X1 Concept 2011

    ut that's only half the story. With a 3.0 line inline-six making 231 horses and 300Nm of torque, the X1 has sufficient muscle and flexibility to fully exploit its handling talents. Adding to the joy is a six-speed auto that even 'manual-only' fans will endorse. It is responsive, quick to react to inputs from the right foot, and clever enough In select a lower gear when going downhill, offering engine braking before you can even engage Steptronic to manually drop a gear or two. The rate of deceleration is also aided by a set of anchors that is progressive in feel and utterly easy to modulate, useful when stopping a vehicle weighing over 1800kg.

    BMW X1 Concept
    Rear Or All Wheel Drive Available

    Available in either rear or all-wheel-drive, the X1 seats five passengers and will take over the entry level SUV market currently occupied by the X3. For its part, the BMW X3 will be moved slightly upmarket with standard trim levels raised accordingly. The X5 and X6 round out BMW's sport utility vehicle line.

    BMW X1 ConceptBMW X1 Concept 2011

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BMW X1 Concept 2011

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