The new Mazda 3 has added two new grilles

    Upmarket amenities have been included in the 2010 model, like Bluetooth and heated front seats. There is an optional navigation system, which some reviewers noted was too small to be effective. The materials used in the interior have been scaled up, and the newly designed supportive front seating is sure to make long distance travel very comfortable.

    What You'll Need

    1. Flat Head Screw Driver (Optional)
    2. Painter's Tape or Masking Tape
    3. Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol (We used 70% and definitely recommend sticking at 70% rather than the more potent 98%)
    4. For Waxed Cars Only - 3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner or 3M Prep Solvent 70 or Dawn dish soap (liquid)
    5. Hair Dryer (Heat Guns are too powerful and will damage your paint!)
    6. A stool of some kind (Unless you are tall enough to reach over the Mazda3 and push down on the middle.)

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The new Mazda 3 has added two new grilles

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