2011 Mercedes-SLK Test perfoms

    2011 model gets the CR's recommended points, for other models of 1997, 2000 or 2003 there were not an conclusive reports we there as there was no enough data there. SLK was again revised to a greater extend in 2004 with enhanced performance in mind. The new Platform R171 was one of the best cars of the year. The SLK's are currently being built in Bremen, Germany and Mexico city. Normal repairs and parts could cost high for such cars which can be a pricey affair so you should thoroughly research on this factor while comparing the data with what other competitors have to offer before you decide on buying. SLK was subject of recall for some headlamp aiming procedure issue. The luxury value of SLK's trick roof have kept the resale value considerably higher. A 1998 SLK230 is still worth $20,000 more than third of its real price. In comparison E320 sedan is just worth $16000 despite its original price being $10000 more than the SLK.


    In performance terms they are pretty difficult to separate, but I personally believe that the Mercedes-Benz SLK edges it in terms of sporty looks and the interior comfort. The prices are also equally matched starting at around £30,000 (approximately $48,000 USD) leading up to £60,000 (approximately $95,000 USD) for the top range model.


    2011 Mercedes-SLK Test perfoms

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2011 Mercedes-SLK Test perfoms

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