2011 the Toyota Camry for new years

    Known as "America's best selling sedan" it enjoys the privilege of being one of the most trusted cars on the market. Toyota offers great fuel economy and solid performance in the Camry. Areas where the car excels is spaciousness on the inside, rather large engines, and optional hybrid engines that are already known for reliability. The fact there are no automatic transmissions offered on V6 models may be a turn off for some buyers.

    The best-selling car in America for eight straight years, the Toyota Camry saw its reputation damaged by Toyota’s highly-publicized recalls for unintended acceleration (see our Toyota Recall page for details). Buyers still interested in a Camry will find a softly-tuned, comfortable commuter car, but we’ve seen reports of quality problems with the 2011 Toyota Camry.

    2011 the Toyota Camry for new years

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2011 the Toyota Camry for new years

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