New Acura MDX is full of high-tech features

    Inside, reviewers like the MDX’s comfortable first and second row seats. While the MDX is full of high-tech features, a few reviewers complain that because of all the bells and whistles, the dash is cluttered and confusing. Still, no one complains about the standard leather seats. Though the Acura MDX has a standard third row seat, reviewers point out that it’s best-suited for kids – adults will find it too cramped.

    • Dash Kits - The main function of dash kits is to cover the dash board of your car to prevent damage from spills, and scratches etc. Dash kits are available in the market in various shapes and colors. Dash kits also give users the option to put protective covering on dash board, stereo, gauges and vents etc.
    • Vent Visors (or Rain Guards) - The main purpose of vent visors also known as rain guards is help channel airflow away from your car enabling your to drive with peace of mind in a more peaceful and much quieter environment. They also help keep dust, rain and bugs out of your car and are available for most makes and models.
    • Floor Mats - Floor mats are a must have car accessory that helps keep your car as good as new by protecting its interior from spills, mud, stones, and dust etc. Different types of floor mats for almost all makes and models are available in the market including but not limited to all-weather floor mats, carpeted floor mats, rubber floor mats, and floor mats. Car owners can also choose floor mats with logo of their favorite brand and keep their car immaculate in style.

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New Acura MDX is full of high-tech features

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