Test Performs 2011 The Toyota FJ Cruiser

    VVT-i is a system that optimizes the valve sequencing for optimal airflow. Initially it has been applied to the input characteristics of airflow. The 'Dual' aspect now being offered adjusts the exhaust side of the equation. By enhancing the open period of the exhaust valve, Toyota optimizes the flow patterns to succeed in offering more power while using less fuel.


    Toyota's growing popularity hasn't been without controversy. No, the automaker doesn't have much of a quality issue to contend with and, no Toyota isn't likely to begin losing market share anytime soon. Yet, there is one area where the Japanese automaker has a bit of a perception problem and that has to do with styling. Of course Toyota vehicles aren't ugly but there are few models being built today that are truly exciting. All that is now beginning to change as Toyota releases several head turning models including the latest rendition of its popular Camry sedan and one of its newest models, the FJ Cruiser. Keep reading and we'll take a glance at just how Toyota is breaking one mold by breaking new ground.


    Test Performs 2011 The Toyota FJ Cruiser

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Test Performs 2011 The Toyota FJ Cruiser

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