What Driving is All About New Lotus Exige S

    If you blow into someone's face while he's yawning, he'll wake up for sure. Lotus did exactly that to the Exige, pushing 7.3 psi of supercharged air into the four. The resulting 220-hp Exige S makes 80 percent of its peak torque from just over 2000 rpm. It will still rev to 8500 rpm, and it retains enough of its intoxicating midrange power surge to make you want to keep the revs up


    When you're buying a Lotus, you don't want to be driving it in the city. Sitting in traffic jams, praying for temporary lights to stay green ("please don't change!"), and avoiding potholes and speed bumps is hardly fun. No, a Lotus is meant for the open road - the wide, open, twisty roads of the British countryside where the only hold up is when you pull over to admire the view.


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What Driving is All About New Lotus Exige S

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