2011 The Honda Accord Coupe

    In the American automotive market trucks and SUV's are slowly losing their popularity among automotive buyers. Unfortunately, small cars such as the Honda Civic and Honda Fit just aren't big enough for everyone, so what car does this leave for this market? Honda has addressed this problem by introducing the Honda Accord Crosstour which aims at satisfying a new market segment. We have taken a look at the best features of this car.

    2011 Honda Accord Coupe Front View2011 Honda Accord Coupe Front View
    Honda basically chose the name "Accord" because it reflects the want Honda has for people to basically just get along and keep the harmony & peace between one another. I guess you can say that it was a job well done, because a lot of people buy the Accord, & they're happy with it; and they're even happy with the great looking Accord Hub Caps that come on it.. but that's just my opinion. The most original & initial design of the Honda Accord was changed to a fuel efficient & low emission car since it was introduced to the market during the horrible fuel crisis of the 1970s. In both the United States and Japan, there was a version that was created and used Honda's "CVCC Technology". This met the emission standards of the 1970s and even the early 1980s without a catalytic converter that most cars have today.

    I guess you can conclude that the Honda Accord & the Accord Wheel Covers that came on it have been a huge hit ever since it came out. I mean, it's stylish, gets good gas mileage, & is suitable for all age classes. Wouldn't you agree?
    2011 Honda Accord Coupe Photos
    2011 The Honda Accord Coupe

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2011 The Honda Accord Coupe

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