2012 The Fiat 500 Is Come back

    The Fiat and Chrysler agreement came as a surprise early on in 2009 as the two automakers revealed that they had been in talks since the previous summer. Chrysler had been owned for about a decade by German automaker Daimler AG, producer of Mercedes-Benz and Smart vehicles, but was sold to an equity firm, Cerberus Capital Management, LP in 2007. Since that sale, Cerberus management has been looking at building alliances for Chrysler in a bid to help the automaker survive in an increasingly tough global market. The Fiat alliance is a logical step for Chrysler as both companies need access to what the other one offers.

    Beyond the compact Dodge, not much is known about what other models are in the planning stages for Chrysler. However, there are some hints at where this may go and that is by filling in holes in the current line ups and updating vehicles coming to the end of their life cycles.
    2012 The Fiat 500 Is Come back

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2012 The Fiat 500 Is Come back

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