2012 The Mercedes SLS GT3 state-of-the-art supercar

    The gearbox is a dual clutched affair which works notably well. There's a slight delay whenever you flick the paddles yet in general it feels very responsive and sharp. The car is quite definitely rear wheel drive. The seating position is very back and harks back to old school, honest GT's and blended with the sharp steering you've whole faith in exactly where the front of the vehicle is gonna go. This super car can easily go round edges very, very quick - in case you try hard enough you could actually compete with a four-wheel drive 911 Turbo. It's also really quick in a straight line - indeed outstanding for a heavy, front engined Grand Tourer.

    One of the best things about any Mercedes wheels are that just not only improves the overall appearance of the vehicle but it also enhances its functionality. AMG wheels are available in the market from so many years that this brand name can be trusted and is preferred choice of thousands of Mercedes lovers from different parts of the world. These wheels have one more advantage that it comes with warranty and this makes them even more popular and reliable in the market. The standard of these wheels are extremely high and this makes them unique in the market. But, anyone should be also aware of AMG replicas which are being produced nowadays by many Asian manufacturers.

    2012 The Mercedes SLS GT3 state-of-the-art supercar

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2012 The Mercedes SLS GT3 state-of-the-art supercar

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