All New 2012 Ford-Focus

    Have you ever gotten into a new car and felt immediately at ease by how it drives? We reckon the Focus will do that to you. Apart from the seats that should be more supportive, the relation of the primary driving controls - steering, brakes and throttle - is spot-on, the sensation isn't dissimilar to say getting into a BMW 3-Series and attaining the confidence to nail all the corner apexes on your way home. The steering might have surrendered some purity and feedback of the original rack in the transition to electric-hydraulic power, but it is no less accurate, and weighs up nicely as the speed increases.
    Pros and Cons

    Even though it does not have nice handling capacity, the 2010 Focus offers good driving experience. In addition to its above-mentioned features and pros, its excellent fuel economy is a major advantage. What's more, its affordable price tag of below $20,000 mark, is simply too good to be true, keeping all the features offered by new Focus, into consideration.
    All New 2012 Ford-Focus

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All New 2012 Ford-Focus

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