Lexus-RX New Lexus-RX

    The Lexus RX 400h was introduced in 2006 as the world's first hybrid-powered luxury crossover SUV. It is a fuel efficient, environmentally conscious version of its popular counterpart, the Lexus RX 350. It has the same sleek style that you would expect from Lexus, but is a gasoline/electric powered hybrid crossover SUV. While gas prices continue to rise, the hybrid-powered Lexus RX 400h boasts excellent fuel economy, increased horsepower, and fewer emissions. Buying a hybrid vehicle has tax benefits as well, and may qualify you for up to $3,000 in tax credits.
    This hybrid was actually rolled out in January 2004 at the North American International Auto Show a few months after the Ford Escape Hybrid was introduced. The Escape was so well received that it was a no-brainer that the Lexus RX 400h Hybrid would be received just as well. It was an immediate hit and the Escape suddenly found itself a competitor. Plus, Lexus is Toyota's high end product so fans of the vehicle expected it to be elegant and appealing.
    Lexus-RX New Lexus-RX

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Lexus-RX New Lexus-RX

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