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  • casinoroyale
    03-13 09:50 PM
    What is I-140 Interfiling mean? :confused:

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  • arc
    03-15 04:09 PM
    Fellow July 07 Filers, many of us are on verge of filing the renewal of EAD/AP, I want to do my renewal and was looking at my options, can someone pls. help me!

    I understand that the renewal can be done Online as well as by Paper, which method do you recommend? And why? How much time each method is taking? Pls. elaborate your recent experiences, with either...

    Thanks for helping!

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  • jack
    10-29 06:14 PM
    Hello everyone,

    I obtained my F1 visa in Aug,2001 for 5 years and I initially came here for M.S. I have continued for PhD in 2003 and visited India every two years. My F1 expired in Jul,2006 but my I-20 is valid until Dec,2008.The real problem is that I have applied for Canadian PR this Oct and expecting to get it by Oct,2008.
    Once I get my PR, I have to go to Canada for Visa stamping and my questions are related to this:
    1) Since my F1 expired, Can I come back to US after PR stamping, without needing an F1 visa.?
    2) Is it advisable to get my F1 visa stamping in India or Canada next year i.e in Oct 2008, or would it be too late? (since that would be two years after visa expiry).

    PS: I wanted to get my F1 stamping only if it were necessary to go to India.

    Any suggestions would help me a lot and thanks so much in advance.

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  • gocool
    10-14 08:51 PM

    I had a question regarding employment in OPT STEM extension. I recently(one week back) got a job and joined as a independent contractor(adding me as a vendor to company and at the time of joining they asked me to fill W-9 form) in company. I was joined first and thought of ask them to enroll in E-verify later.

    But couple of days back when I ask the HR for company to enroll in E-Verify in order to update to school officials. HR refuses to enroll because as I was working as an independent contractor and not coming under their payroll.

    Regarding how do I get paid? They will pay me bi-weekly. But I need to rise the invoice and submit time sheet and give it to them so that they will pay me a payable check.

    And even I got approved OPT STEM extension couple of days back which I was applied through my previous employer.

    Is there a way to come out of this situation?

    Even thinking of adding a consulting firm layer in between the company and me but I don't want to do that. Please help me out.


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  • LostInGCProcess
    10-07 05:28 PM
    I saw this link where it say he is to resign in March 1 2008.

    "Prakash to quit USCIS Ombudsman March 1"

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  • bmoni
    03-26 08:28 PM
    Please take a minute to upvote the the following immigration idea at

    Also I would like to see a comprehensive idea posted from IV and drive our members to upvote the idea so it will be on the top as top rated , most commented idea.
    Whether DHS will follow through or not at the least we will be educating more people on our legal immigration woes.


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  • ritwik_ind
    10-26 10:00 AM
    Hi there,

    This is my post for the contest. :eye:


    hope you like it, [Wish me luck!! ]

    Mans mind, once stretched by an idea, never attains its original dimensions.

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  • Blog Feeds
    08-07 09:40 AM
    Politico reports on a McCain interview with CNN. The other interesting takeaway is McCain's indication that he'll stand firm in insisting on a guest worker program in the comprehensive immigration reform bill if he's going to work for its passage. I hope he's successful in that effort. Without addressing the future flow of immigrant workers, we'll be debating another legalization bill in ten or fifteen years.

    More... (


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  • ardard2007
    03-30 12:16 PM

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  • centaur
    08-13 06:40 PM
    I have an old priority date with previous employer (jan 2006), however my I140 with the new employer has date of May 2007. I can also apply for 485 under NIW. My question is if I apply for 485 by both pathways(two different applications), can I recapture the same PD of the old employer TWICE?

    gurus please advise.


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  • logiclife
    02-05 04:41 PM
    I am trying to find out most visited website amongst the Indian Community in USA. NRI's number # 1 website.

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  • supers789
    06-22 06:14 PM
    If PD is current when USCIS starts processing the applications, PD's doesn't matter. But if PDs retrogate (which will be the case most likely), then USCIS only going to process the applications which has PD current that time. I hope it makes sense.


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  • redddiv
    07-23 02:04 PM
    For those who filed after July2, 2007.
    Did your checks get encashed. :(

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  • gtg506p
    10-22 02:18 PM
    This is my first post. Sorry to open a new thread for this but I thought I would share the info so other people can benefit. I got my I-140 approval today.
    Receipt Date: 05/14/2007
    Approval Date: 10/22/07
    (188 days)
    Texas Service Center
    EB2 March 2004
    Labor Substitution (American Company, Mechanical Engineering PhD Position).
    I hope this info will be helpful for other people waiting.



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  • rajmvoice
    07-24 11:24 AM

    We are going to India on Vacation in Aug 2008. I am on H1B visa and my daughter (3 yrs) is on H4 (My dependent). My wife came to US as my dependent on H4 visa. But now she is on L1B visa.

    Q1: Can I add my wife as a co-applicant while booking the appointment online even though she is not my dependant )so that we can all appear for the interview at the same day and time)? I didn't find any guidelines related to this anywhere.

    Q2: We are looking for an appointment on Sep first week. Will the slots for Sept available by Aug 1st week? How many days before I can book the appointment?


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  • ivx
    03-19 09:20 AM
    Sorry. I found the answer.

    H1B Visa Lawyer - Getting the LCA In Hand Before April 1 :: Visa Lawyer Blog (


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  • kosars
    09-12 02:36 PM

    I have applied for I-140 in Oct 2006 and hvn't recd I-140 yet (Nebraska)
    My 485/EAD checks got encashed today. My questions is do I need I-140 before FP or EAD card.


    I donot think you need I140 approved for FP or EAD

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  • Blog Feeds
    05-21 09:50 PM
    The USCIS, on May 18, 2009, once again provided an update on the number of filings for H-1B petitions for the fiscal year 2010 program.

    It announced that it has received approximately 45,500 H-1B petitions counting toward the Congressionally-mandated 65,000 cap. It continues to accept petitions subject to the general cap.

    I can report personally that the most recent H-1B regular cap I-129 petition that I filed was filed on May 11 and it was approved on May 15 � premium processed.

    Also, the USCIS announced that is has received approximately 20,000 petitions for aliens with advanced degrees, consistent with its prior update and it reconfirmed that it is still accepting advanced degree petitions because it assumes that not all the petitions it received are approvable.

    It�s beginning to look like the cap isn�t going to be reached any time soon and, who knows, maybe not at all this fiscal year.

    More... (

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  • bobbypavan
    03-18 10:22 PM
    My company has been going through layoffs for the past 3 quarters and are unable to start my GC process. I believe they have to wait for 6 months before they go forward and apply. I am talking about a big company with different departments like operations, marketing and most of the layoffs are happening in these, but recruitment is active in IT. They are regularly recruiting new resources and increasing the head count.
    I have following questions:
    1) Can my company show that the layoffs are happening in different depts and go ahead and process my GC?
    2) What is the risk in doing so.
    3) Anyone experiencing a similar situation and could successfully get their GC process started and have approved labor/I140?

    Thanks for your suggestions.

    07-28 03:10 PM
    I-140 PP is suspended till further notice.

    04-22 03:54 PM
    Key Issues to Passage of CIR

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