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  • black_logs
    05-26 03:33 PM
    Guys, looks like we are facing a veiled attack from the rival groups. It is evident from some posts. Since morning we are busy repeatedly saying same things to these people. I am deleting all their posts and banning their user ids. If you see any damaging post report it to us clicking on the exclamation mark next to the post.

    ED: Please click on the exclamation mark next to the post instead of replying to this thread. Thanks

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  • valuablehurdle
    01-19 12:53 PM
    Hello Friends,

    I recently got laid off. Our state is Ok for me to draw unemployment insurance under EAD. Can anyone give me an idea how much I can expect as monthly payment if I draw $7000 per month? Your feedback are greatly appreciated.

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  • chrisclick
    08-22 08:46 AM
    Nice. Like the last one :)

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  • instantkarma
    05-28 08:58 AM
    I have a new job offer from one of the largest product based company's Global Consulting Professional services.
    1. I am in a PORTABLE AC21 situation over 180 days of 485 filing and an approved I-140.
    2. I have requested the company to prefer my EAD over their H1B offering.

    1. If I take their H1B offer, what are the risks of USCIS asking me a client letter before joining? Please note it is a huge org. The company intends to take me in after obtaining LIN# from premium H1B processing.
    2. The prevailing wage on my LC when filed in 2005 was $60,757 and the offered wage at that time from my company was $76545. My NEW offer in 2010 stands at $118000. Is that an issue?
    3. If I use my EAD which is expiring September2010 and due renewal can I keep continuing work until obtaining new EAD?



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  • kart2007
    01-12 09:56 AM
    Visa Bulletin For February 2011 (

    (Employment based):

    EB2I - 08MAY06
    EB3I - 22FEB02


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  • aadimanav
    07-07 11:25 PM
    Has anyone seen today's Fox News "The Journal Edition Report". In the last-section of the this programme the journalists talk about this week's "hits and misses". One of the journalist was talking about the injustice done to LEGAL immigrants because of latest visa bulletin stuff.

    The programme will be repated
    1:30 AM (morning) EST - Sunday - The Journal Editorial Report - Fox News

    It is not that important, but I thought I should write in case someone is watchnig news at that time. It is half-an-hour programme and that segment "hits and misses" comes after the last-break (I think during last 10 minutes).


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  • creativeFuzion
    08-02 09:32 PM
    bobbo, great job man! I love the pig one! Haha, is that ex President Clinton I see there? Lol, good job, I love 'em all!


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  • calabor2001
    03-27 09:42 PM
    My application was filed in EB3 category and PD is current (has been since start of this year). I have an approved I-140 since Feb 07 and the I-485 was filed prior to the mess of 2007. I have taken 4 Infopass appointments trying to find out why is it taking this long to get "a decision". At this point, I don't care what the decision is, as long as there is one so that I can move on in my life. Called and spoke with the processing center that the case is outside their "normal processing time" only to hear, "We are processing". They won't tell me what is going on.

    Wondering about my options here? Congressional inquiry? Writ of Mandamus? Anything? Anyone in the same position as me?


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  • NdTech
    07-23 01:49 AM
    I am Canadian Citizen, born in India. My Father, USA Citizen filed I-130 for married son during FEB-2003 and approved. I am here in USA since 2006 working on TN, current status will expire in JAN-2013. Waiting for PD to current for my F-3 (Family), this month PD is 01JAN01.


    1. I can see now PD is moving fast, any idea, how long it will continue this trend? Since all know huge backlog making impossible to assess anything.
    2. What next? filing I-485? and I-846 support letter? anything else?
    3. How long this procedure will take in typical case?
    4. While applying for Citizenship, did my legal authorized stay in USA count? or zero counter begins?
    5. How do I get work authorization for my son in University? or for my wife, now stay home? Available any alternates?

    Thanks for reply.

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  • Lord Rahl
    03-04 10:03 PM
    This reminds me of the guy from office space for some reason or the guy from that other one.... what's it called.... the quiet guy I think?
    Nice job.


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  • freddyCR
    August 12th, 2005, 03:51 AM

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  • krishna_brc
    06-25 12:44 PM
    Can some one file for H1 transfer when his/her H1 extension is pending?

    Also there is a RFE on H1 extension which the company is responding.
    Original H1 expired 2 months back but have a valid I-94 till december.
    Used AP to re-enter so I-94 has Parolee status.

    please advise.


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  • Long layers, wispy fringe and

  • PundaSmith
    12-17 09:52 PM

    I am in the process of gathering my documents for EB1 filling. My lawyer and I went through my publication list today.

    I have a number of peer reviewed publications that have been accepted and available online (with DOI - Digital Identification Identifiers) but have not yet made it to paper copies.

    My lawyer is hesitant to include these "Online First" articles since they are not technically out He claimed that immigration tends to lean towards traditional publication channels and therefore it would be preferable to since technically, they are still in press.

    Is this accurate? Under what conditions can one include accepted (online first) publications?

    Thanks - PundaSmith

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  • kirupa
    07-25 01:35 AM


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  • lecter
    January 20th, 2005, 09:39 PM
    well they like it. Let's hope it gives Canon some price dropping competition!!!

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  • knowDOL
    06-01 03:27 PM
    Please use this thread. Someone from people who have authorization may close this thread as this topic is already covered under this thread.


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  • fedekorcho
    09-29 12:57 PM
    Hi i've been reading the forum for a while now and I hope that you guys can help me out. Like most people i have more questions than answers.

    I just got my i140 approved (Sept 24,2008 or so).

    The LC was file around Apr/Jun '07 so i would assume this is the Priority date correct?

    My lawyer tells me that while this is great, we still have to wait for visa numbers to become available to file the 485. Any suggestions on when is this gonna happen?

    I know that this is somewhat linked to the visa bulletin ... how should i read it to understand in a few words, when is my time?

    Once i've filed i485 how long does USCIS takes to process it?

    On the other hand, i'm quite anxious about changing jobs. If I do, do I waste all this time invested in the process? any other way around that?

    It seems like no lawyer wants to provide a straight enough answer. I know it's a lot of questions but i really appreciate it.


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  • Sravanth
    10-10 03:40 PM
    Any update please...

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  • CPTproblem
    03-27 05:44 PM

    I'm on OPT since Feb 14 2011. This is my first 12 months of the OPT. I recieved an OPT card from USCIS but I'm not sure what is my valid I-20 at this moment ? Is it the one saying that "OPT is requested" ? I filed a bunch of papers during OPT application but whatever reason my International officer never wants to explain anything to us students and I've to search everything on the internet. I'm applying for a driver's license test and want to know what I-20 would be needed.

    Also, my employer is willing to file my H1-B. Should I tell him to file it this year or the next year ? They also signed up for everify recently.

    Please suggest.

    01-14 04:26 PM
    It is pending with California Service center, this is a AP renewal application

    08-22 10:54 AM
    Not necessarily an RFE. Read the hundreds of posts on pre-adjudication.

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