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  • a_paradkar
    10-31 01:47 PM

    The questions is, if i have an approved I-140 from Company A and I switch over to Company B, then would i be able to file my 485 based on 140 related to Company A when my PD for Labor (company A) becomes current.

    Thanks, please let me know

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  • fedekorcho
    09-29 12:57 PM
    Hi i've been reading the forum for a while now and I hope that you guys can help me out. Like most people i have more questions than answers.

    I just got my i140 approved (Sept 24,2008 or so).

    The LC was file around Apr/Jun '07 so i would assume this is the Priority date correct?

    My lawyer tells me that while this is great, we still have to wait for visa numbers to become available to file the 485. Any suggestions on when is this gonna happen?

    I know that this is somewhat linked to the visa bulletin ... how should i read it to understand in a few words, when is my time?

    Once i've filed i485 how long does USCIS takes to process it?

    On the other hand, i'm quite anxious about changing jobs. If I do, do I waste all this time invested in the process? any other way around that?

    It seems like no lawyer wants to provide a straight enough answer. I know it's a lot of questions but i really appreciate it.


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  • raj3078
    11-09 12:56 PM
    Yesturday night, I saw Charlie Rose Show, in which he first interviewed Andi Carr and then RAHM EMANUEL Representative (D-IL)....
    In the middle of conversation, Charlie asked Rahm about what Dems agree and disagree and how they will work with President. He replied that there is no all disagreement. He said Dems agree on Tax reform as well as Immigration. Then he went on to talk about favoritism to CIR.

    It seems like winning the election even while being on Immigration side as well defeat of Representatives J.D. Hayworth and Randy Graf (Hardcore Immigrant Haters) have embolden Dems that Immigration is not as taboo as it was once thought. I have a feeling that they will get this done sooner than later. :)

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  • dbevis
    November 2nd, 2004, 06:19 AM
    Sure doesn't sound right. I'd suggest some controlled tests, using a gray card (or even a white card). Check the actual color with your favorite editor (Photoshop, etc). It might be your monitor calibration, too.

    At this point you don't really know if white balance WAS correct and, after the update, it's wrong - or vice versa.


    I-485 Case transferred [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : I-485 Case transferred


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  • Blog Feeds
    12-20 08:00 AM
    Immigration legislation in Congress ended on a sour note in 2010. The DREAM Act, after narrowly passing in the House of Representatives, failed to get the necessary 60 votes in the Senate required to overcome a threatened GOP filibuster. Comprehensive immigration reform never even came to a vote in the last Congress. What will the outlook be for immigration legislation in the 112th Congress which convenes beginning on January 3, 2011? The biggest change will be in the House of Representatives where the majority, and the committee chairmanships, will change from Democrats to Republicans. Representative Lamar Smith The new Chairman...

    More... (

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  • Blog Feeds
    11-18 03:00 PM
    USCIS is reporting that as of November 6th, 54,900 H-1Bs had been issued against the 65,000 annual quota. While this represents a dramatic drop in H-1B applications over previous years. In 2007, nearly 200,000 applications were filed in the first week applications were open and in 2009, the application period is now in its seventh month. Usage seems to be about 1,000 cases a week so we're probably looking at January or February to run out of numbers. Incidentally, yesterday I was the moderator of a panel on the impact of the global recession on national migration policies in Amsterdam....

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  • VMH_GC
    07-18 11:02 AM
    In my company along with me 4 other folks also affected due to visa bulletin mess. I sent them an email on July 9th 2007 about flower campaign organized by IV to USCIS director. The sad part is no body showed any interest and did not bother to reply. They are also going to benefited by this decision. These people still beleive in Murthy and other lawyer firm updates. I really don't know how to make these folks interested in IV. Any ideas or other personal stories.

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  • shallymathur
    09-21 02:37 PM

    I am an Indian national holding an Indian passport. I am working in UAE. Please suggest would it be a good idea to get H1B stamped in UAE or in India?

    Also please share your experience with H1B interview in UAE.


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  • Blog Feeds
    02-08 06:10 PM
    A new report from the Economic Policy Institute makes the case that immigrants at all wage levels actually lift wages for US workers:A key result from this work is that the estimated effect of immigration from 1994 to 2007 was to raise the wages of U.S.-born workers, relative to foreign-born workers, by 0.4% (or $3.68 per week), and to lower the wages of foreign-born workers, relative to U.S.-born workers, by 4.6% (or $33.11 per week). In other words, any negative effects of new immigration over this period were felt largely by the workers who are the most substitutable for new...

    More... (

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  • ndk221
    12-06 02:40 PM

    I just realized that I forgot to add a piece of my employment history to the DS-160. I only realized it once I set up the appointment for H1-B stamping through VFS. I have all the corroborating paperwork (W2, paystub etc.) for that period. Do I need to re-do the DS-160? I already have an appointment and if I cancel the appointment and re-do the DS160 I might run the risk of not getting the date of my choosing. The problem is my existing company is a "successor in interest" of the company I forgot to mention. That is, I got my I-797 from this previous company.

    Please not that the facts in the existing DS 160 are true. It is just that I realized that there is a gap that I might have to fill.


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  • Zee
    07-01 12:49 PM
    SKIL Act House Companion Bill, H.R. 5744, Introduced in the House


    For the SKIL legislation, please read the following materials until the House bill is made available:

    * CompeteAmerica Report
    * Senate Version of SKIL Bill

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  • Blog Feeds
    01-11 08:10 AM
    Encouraging. Darryl Issa, the powerful new GOP House Oversight Committee Chair, has introduced this bill in the past, but with the change in party control, he's got a lot more clout this time around. Issa is proposing replacing the green card lottery's annual green card allotment with a new green card category for US-educated graduates in the science, technology, math and engineering fields. Frankly, the lottery is a program that is always under attack and I'd rather see the program's numbers go to increasing either the family or employment categories. The antis have proposed in the past eliminating the program...

    More... (


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  • jennym
    09-20 12:28 PM
    The couple applied for the green card together. The husband applied under the EB1 category and his wife also applied with him as dependent. The green card of the couple has been approved and is expected to arrive in a month's time. The wife is not in US currently. She is outside US. Will the husband get his green card & the wife's green card in his wife's absence? Will there be any complications in the husband's green card in this case?

    It is urgent. Please reply as soon as possible.

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  • Blog Feeds
    08-03 12:50 PM
    Opponents of health care reform efforts have accused the President and Democrats in Congress of including millions of illegally present immigrants in proposals to expand health insurance coverage. Whether one thinks that including such individuals is good or bad, the fact is that only lawfully present immigrants will be eligible for inclusion in the various proposals being considered in Congress. Think Progress explains in a piece refuting erroneous reporting on Lou Dobbs show (surprised?). When you hear figures like 97% of people will be covered under the broadest plans, the 3% they're talking about leaving out are undocumented immigrants.

    More... (


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  • howiez
    07-30 04:49 PM
    My wife and my documents were delivered on June 6th and receipt date June 14th. My AP was approved on July 20th. However, my wife's is still pending though there are two date update since mine is approved - July 22nd and 27th. Anyone has the same situation?



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  • JunRN
    05-10 06:39 PM
    Yes, as long as the new job is same/similar to job B. The 180 days count is number of calendar days i-485 is pending, not number of days on the job. One may not even be working at all during that 180 days, or even while waiting for i-485 approval however, must have a very good excuse because IOs will be very suspicious. It is not violating any rules though as i-485 is for future employment.


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  • raysaikat
    02-13 03:56 AM
    I have a gc. Can I sponsor my parents for GC ?


    AFAIK, you will need to have citizenship.

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  • usr2004
    01-24 05:47 PM
    I need to apply for AP.
    I am in I-485 pending status. Could some one give clarification for the following questions on I-131 doc.

    Part I. Information about you
    3. Class of admission (is this correct?)
    Ex: H1B/H4

    Part 3. Processing Information
    4. Have you ever been issued a reentry pertmit or Refugee Travel document?
    I am in AOS status(I-485 pending). I got twice Travel Document (AP) approved so for.
    There is no mention of AP in this question. what should I answer for this question.

    I am also applying AP for my family members. Do I need file G-28 for my family members(Is it only for Attorney representation)

    Thank You

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  • RahSaj
    09-21 08:47 AM
    My 485 is currently pending from current employer.Getting a new offer from the client for full time job. My labor certification wage is very high around 95k(no benefits) and the new offer is for 80k with benefits. Doing the math the new offer is lucrative. With Current employer paying $1100/month for insurance and with zero vacation time.

    Is it recommended to use AC21 and take the new offer even though the salary is less than 15k from labor certification wage. The Job responsibilities are similar.

    02-12 11:23 AM
    pls delete this thread

    05-05 09:36 PM

    I recently (a couple of months ago) switched firms. I have a valid H-1B visa stamp from my prev employer (expiring in Aug 2009). My H-1B transfer was approved and I have a valid I-797.

    Can I travel to London, for a week's vacation and re-enter with my prev employer's h-1b visa stamp and the new I-797? I've read that this is possible and that folks have done it.

    I was wondering if there was any change to the rule or anything I should be aware about.


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