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  • pappu
    06-21 01:55 PM
    MAN !!! this is confusing ...
    -- Sheela Murthy says not to apply multiple I 485
    -- Rajiv Khanna says you should apply
    -- My attorney says .. it is my call....
    -- some guys tell me ... apply independently and then join the one that is reaching towards completion..

    and I am confused and frustrated........
    but really .. what should a man do ??? I will kneel down and ask god .. I will let you guys know what he has to say ..... :(
    ArunAntonio, can you pls help search other threads so that we can lay all arguements in one thread and see how different lawyers approach this issue. Only pick answers from lawyers and no opinions. Once we have all advices in one place it will be easy to decide and see pros and cons

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  • belmontboy
    04-01 11:19 AM
    not to hijack the conversation - but at some point, IV needs to distinguish between a donor, a contributor and a freeloader.

    e.g. donors get access to all threads, contributors specific threads for which they have contributed and freeloaders general threads only. i guess that means setting up contributions at the thread level - not sure if thats possible right now.

    Right. I have been a proponent of making "ask lawyer" section paid service (ex: 5$ per question). This generates additional revenue for IV. People normally spend 200$/hr to talk to lawyers anyway.

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  • singhsa3
    11-04 11:15 AM
    I think the question though genuine and points to the fundamental flaw in the system but is irrelevant to the point of discussion here.
    The whole point is that the incentive for porting has been taken away by making computer information manger a Job Zone 4. In addition, additional scrutny will weed out any fraud.

    I need to read up on the new zones implementation.

    But if you may, please answer this question: If one wants to change jobs within the same company to a new job that falls in the same zone as his current one, can he do that without a new LCA?
    The new job is in the same building/region; just some additional responsibility and would be in a different group than the present one.

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  • sayantan76
    01-25 06:04 PM
    Air India flying direct to India starting from feb 08, at least that's what I was told when I went through that horryifing experience in UK (see my post above)
    Air India has been flying direct non stop to india from NYC area for quite some time now.......

    and i was recently in seattle - driving by boeing facility (its actually right by the main freeway)- saw quite a few brand new planes with Air India and Jet help is on the way :-)

    also - am shocked that people still use travel agents - when all major airlines scream at the top of their voices that their lowest fares are online.....

    i have flown non stop from NYC area at all times of the year and also have bought tickets for my parents from delhi-newark and return - all on and have never paid more than $1100 per person ...(sometimes even around 850) plus if you use the right kind of credit card online - you can recover almost 10% of the cost via rewards points.

    as an aside - an interesting story


    the last goodbye david cook album. David Cook - The Last Goodbye
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  • logiclife
    01-24 05:57 PM
    There are a few praises about Jet Airways in previous posts.

    Let me set the record straight. They have miles to go before they start claiming themselves as "world class" international airline.

    I was on vacation past 2.5 weeks to India and here is my experience.

    Regarding Jet Airways poor customer service:

    On return, my Jet Airways flight from Rajkot (Gujarat) to Mumbai was delayed by 2 hours. Its only a 55 minute flight from Rajkot to Mumbai. Because of this, my connection of Delta airlines from Mumbai to New York was missed. Delta gave me a seat on plane the next day. Same flight - but a day after. So now, I was stuck in Mumbai, with huge luggage for 24 hours. I asked Delta for Hotel accomodation. They said, its not their fault and its Jet Airways fault and I should ask them for Hotel.

    I went to Jet Airways customer service in Mumbai airport. They said that they cant find a single room in Mumbai due to some exhibition/conference going on at the time. A major international airline, shooting for stars, cant find a Hotel room in a city as big as Mumbai. Frustrated, I went to a government agency office (IATA I think) and they said that they dont have anything nearby, but can arrange something 30 kilometers away, and it was a sub-standard hotel and room. I paid out of my own pocket and stayed there a night. It was Rs 2000 (about $50) for this hotel plus taxi.

    The next day, before boarding Delta flight, I went to Jet Airways office again and told them that I found a hotel room on my own and see if they can re-imburse me for the hotel expenses. If they had paid themselves in Hyatt or Grand Meridian outside airport, it would have been more anyways. The manager of Jet Airways said that they cannot do it and I should scan the reciepts and my boarding pass and email customersupport at jetairways.

    An hour before this happened, the office didnt even have anyone in charge in office (at about 7:00 PM). The agent said, the manager isnt here. I asked, "who's in charge", and she said "No one is in charge right now, you have to come back at 8:00 when manager comes in".

    What I am saying is, Jet Airways has miles to go before it can take pride. Just starting flights to Newark, Chicago doesnt make it a great airline. Neither does good food. Treat customers well, and atleast do a better job than government offices when it comes to locating hotel rooms for stranded passengers who are stranded due to their fault.

    Mumbai Airport security harrassment :

    My flight was just past midnight and I checked out of hotel at noon. (I had to). With 12 hours and nothing to do, I headed to Mumbai airport. At the airport, they dont let you inside the building unless you are a passenger. The security guard at the door said that I need to come back at 9:00 PM and I cant go into the airport right now as my flight is at night. I told him that I am not coming to airport to enjoy the lounge and I am stranded due to missed airline connection. He didnt listen. I was sitting outside the building until about 8:00 PM with all luggage.

    Now I understand that security is important, but what's the point in stopping someone and letting them inside only 4 hours prior. Because if there is a nefarious person planning something bad, what can he/she do in 10 hours that he/she cant do in 4 hours. How does it enhance security by limiting the presence of passengers inside airport? Well, you cant argue with knuckleheads.

    Inside airport, I ran into a German lady and a guy from Netherlands and both of them were in the airport since the afternoon. They said they argued and they were let in. Basically, the Indian security forces at the airport wont argue with Europeans and will let them inside the airport but will go extra lengths to harrass people that they are comfortable harrassing - their own people.

    So we can ignore London airport. Fine. Are we also going to ignore Mumbai airport now?

    The best way to avoid harrassment is to stand up and fight it. Because avoiding this airport and that airline is not going to cut it.

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  • CADude
    01-08 02:05 PM
    Both letter in mail. forwarded to friends also. I modified a little.


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  • spdy_mn
    06-29 04:27 PM
    How about, they are expecting so many application 140 plus 485...that THEY DO NOT WANT TO PROCESS ANY always - THEY WILL SIT and EAT BURGERS and dont WANT TO DO ANY WORK...nothing new here folks...

    I understand your frustration, but easy there Jonty. To blindly accuse of someone of not doing their work is not good. Again I understand the frustration but we need to go easy on the criticisim.

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  • chava_100
    09-22 02:28 PM
    I got USCIS 485 Approval email for me and my spouse.

    When did you receive the mail?


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  • andycool
    08-19 01:14 PM
    I received the card production ordered email today morning, after 1 hr again I received a Decision email. Online status shows as "Decision" , does this mean my 485 is approved?

    PD: 10-Feb-2006 (EB2)
    Opened SR on 08/03
    SR response on 08/18 - Your case is currently under review by an officer.

    Current 485 Status:

    Your Case Status: Decision

    On August 19, 2010, we mailed you a notice that we had registered this customer's new permanent resident status. Please follow any instructions on the notice. Your new permanent resident card should be mailed within 60 days following this registration or after you complete any ADIT processing referred to in the welcome notice, whichever is later. If you move before receiving your card, please call our customer service center at 1-800-375-5283.


    is it NSC or TSC

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  • gc_on_demand
    03-31 09:13 AM
    I think you have wrong info... Last year, EB2 I&C did receive spill over from EB2 ROW, EB1 (~3K), EB5.. Also from reading other posts it is my understanding that in fact there was NO spill over from Family Based.

    I could be wrong though!!

    May be I am wrong. I want to be wrong since I would like to File for I 485 , but this is from DOS site, can you share your source ?

    Table V (Part 2)

    You will see total at the bottom of this page.

    E1 = 41,026
    E2 = 53,872
    E3 = 42,431
    E4 = 11,048
    E5 = 1,885 [Table V (Part 3)]

    If allocation for 2010 was like below then EB1 gave us 1 k ,

    E1 = 42.5
    E2 = 42.5
    E3 = 42.5
    E4 = 11.5
    E5 = 11

    Then Eb1 gave only 1k. E2 ROW didn't give any. Eb2 India / China got from Eb1 and EB2 row is because of overflow from family based.

    We are lacking those number this year. I would say if we didn't have those 10k family visas spill over would be only 10k for 2010.


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  • kushaljn
    01-17 04:37 PM
    It was Mumbai.

    Can you add which consulate (Mumbai/Delhi/Chennai) you interviewed?

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  • chmur
    01-09 10:14 PM
    Nebraska members , join the state chapter


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  • waitforevergc
    05-09 08:35 PM

    There is no point preaching things to lunatics like Hunter. Let us just ignore him.
    There are a lot of people like him on internet. We cant educate everyone.

    Moderators, please block such people in their initial comments in the future.

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  • bfadlia
    03-25 04:14 PM
    All these requirements are Position Specific. Before publishing externally, most companies (HR) decides the policy first for an example to which kind of person they will hire for this position like " We will not consider H1 for this position" seeing the "Critical and essential need of "blah " blah"..." And they then follow it. So it may happen that one person gets an answer " We do not consider EAD holder for this position.." and next month you may meet somebody (EAD Holder) working for that company on EAD but for different position as company made apolicy to hire EAD holder for that particular kind of position.

    makes sense, parallel to saying x job only available for phd holders, y job for masters
    but that's legal because a job can benefit from the skills of a phd holder, while in our case of EAD vs GC or Citizenship the employer gets no benefit, it's just his arbitrary will, that what made it illeagal


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  • augustus
    06-29 05:21 PM
    In America, Lawsuits are filed for mental agony. The agony we all go through to come out as a permanent resident is over the top.

    Any issue, any matter, if there is mental agony, people here file for lawsuits. Heard in the news recently that airport security officials asked a woman to throw her baby's milk bottle and she was all over in the news and crying her wits out at the agony she had to go through just for security officials asking her throw her baby's milk bottle.

    Here, our life hangs by a thread. We are used as puppets. Cheapest people on earth. And no one is there to even cover our news. Paris Hilton takes the front page and millions of people whose life's on hold is not an issue.

    Where is the American Dream I ask?

    dresses It#39;s also David Cook who the last goodbye david cook album. the last goodbye david cook
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  • gdhiren
    07-12 03:04 PM
    Although much older anouncements and news are still there.
    Apparently they want everybody to forget about this ASAP, let alone attract any further interest or god forbid inquiries. I don't know who in the world can still beleive that they are a "service" and we are "customers".

    I pity Gonzales now, may be Chertoff called him up and said why on the earth is he responding to flower campaign? Or may be Walter Reed Soldiers refused to accept mourning flowers. LOL....

    I smell something fishy... is it just me???


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  • priderock
    06-18 10:25 AM
    Hi everyone,

    I have 2004 W2 but cant seem to find my tax return. I have 2003, 2005, 2006tax returns but not 2004. What can I do to get that return. Please any advice will be nice.


    My lawyer only asked for the W2 ans tax returns for the last two years. I think the latest two to three years shall be sufficient unless USCIS asks for all specifically.

    Are there any instructions specifically asking for W2s and returns for all years of your stay ? or every one is including all they have just to be safe.

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  • letstalklc
    09-04 04:10 PM
    Call quality: Is not good as that of Vonage. But it is ok.
    Customer service: Not good

    Contract is the killing part.
    After tax, lingo and vonage prices are about the same.

    If you haven't signed up for the service yet, sign up for vonage.

    Thanks for the update and based on the user gc28262 update that the taxes going to be
    12+ dollars, not at all worthy......

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    01-15 01:27 PM
    IV members, Please go to and vote for my idea. No one has gone and voted up for this yet. Wakeup please. Go and vote for a good cause.

    I thinks its a better idea to post URL for your idea.

    Robert Kumar
    03-29 05:33 PM
    Based on your calculations , Experts, please let us know what to expect, if 12000 GC are released for EB2. Where will the cutoff come and stop..
    Can you please post that link that shows how many are waiting year-wise.

    07-11 10:05 PM

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