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  • mmk123
    03-29 12:39 PM
    Numbers may be significant, but unfortunately the movement won't be..

    He is talking about numbers being significant and we will realize the latter after we see the actual movement..


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  • svkrishna
    01-31 08:58 AM
    Dear Prashantc.
    Congrats.. You are right. Never do the visa validation in Chennai again. Hopefully we will get GCs soon. ( which is one more ordeal)


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  • spdy_mn
    06-29 06:19 PM
    Man this is Federal government dude and more over part of DHS. This is not a privately owned corrupted company where they can dick around with people.

    Govt agencies are more susceptible to bungling things than private companies. I can quote numerous examples but that will take the discussion away from the core subject.

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  • jbr
    03-10 05:36 PM
    We could also do a signature/petition campaign that would focus on 'American Citizens' supporting our effort. We should aim at getting a lot of signatures. Afterall there have to be hundreds of thousands of formerly H1B holders who are citizens now; at least they would support our effort.


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  • paskal
    01-27 01:53 PM
    The requirement for a transit visa to enter the UK is not a new requirement. They were introduced because a significant number of passengers decided to remain in the UK rather than simply transit.

    Before they were introduced, passengers had the ability to remain in the UK for up to 24 hours, enter the UK, change airports etc (this is called TWOV or Transit Without Visa and still remains for applicable nationals).

    The intent of the Transit Visa is to ensure that the passenger will be accepted by the third country.

    There are still issues with passengers who hold transit visas with a stated intention of transitting the UK. Either they are not accepted by the transitting airline and are returned to the point of origin, or they simply claim "political assylum" when they land in the UK and then they become the responsibility of the British Government.

    the previous transit visa was a reuqirement for those that wanted to leave the airport...hence the 24 hr period. i have no issue with that- just to clarify. i do appreciate what you point out - that people overstay.

    the new avatar of the TV applies even to those that are simply changing gates- ie walking from one plane to another WITHOUT ever setting foot on UK soil. i know this because i have changed planes in LON in the past WITHOUT a transit visa. in some cases as the air india passengers have pointed out, you don't even change planes, you are offloaded and go through security, and then return to the same plane again...hey tell me why i should be harassed and pay 90 bucks X 3 for my family- not to mention traveling 300 miles because "personal appearance"s needed- just to climb back on the plane and continue a journey? how can i seek asylum or overstay without being on UK soil (the intl transit area in any airport before immigration is an intl zone) ?
    as for the airline not accepting the passenger onwards, that is something all airlines determine at the point of departure these days, the americans do a pre screen at the airport to ensure no such hassles.
    the previous version of the TV was perfectly fine, the current one, for me, is undue harassment, even if i have an AP i should go 300 miles to the nearest consulate to get one for the privilege of changing gates? sorry bud...don't see why. there are easier ways to go home, and if the ticket costs a 100 bucks more- hey that's just the TV fees anyway right?

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  • omved
    06-25 08:25 PM
    read that form carefully
    as an EB-2 you DO NOT need it
    then read the I-485, says excatly the same thing

    you cxan add all the evidence you wat, that's fine
    but it is not set forth as a requireemnst, in fact it's clearly excluded for EB petitioners.

    So you mean that EB2 petitioners are not required to file affidavit of support (either I 134 or I 864) at all for their spouse who are on H4 visa....


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  • Nil
    03-11 04:51 PM
    Thanks a Ton Sri,

    pls compile and i'll follow up.
    Also doing the homework to contact local congressmen & journalists.

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  • Jitamitra
    01-10 08:14 PM
    Just a thought. I think something is holding back folks to write up these letters directly to president. Do you guys think it's a good idea just to have these letters mailed to IV and then pass it along to white house administration when IV meets them.

    Those who are against IV and have never supported or never wanted to do anything just make it a point that they will NEVER do it. The reason they give will be a "Silence" or a "change in topic of discussion".

    Pessimists will say "Nothing will happen" or "So did you get your GC? after the rally?"

    Some say "Who cares for GC when you have choice to go home"


    I understand your enthusiasm of spreading +ve ness , but you need to also look at the practical implications on the situation. You are too criticizing and self-centric in what you beleive is the right thing to do.

    Things do not work the way you expect at times and backfire. All I am saying is to give it a second thought if you are not getting a huge turn out of people. If you believe you are the smartest ass in the forums, tell me how many people you beleive would come forward and write a letter to the president. It's nothing to do with whether you did it, but are taking off the apprehensions and motivate other people to do it.

    I agree with comments from walking_dude as it's inspiring and has a point. Get out of the shell and look at the world from a different perspective.


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  • MeraNaamJoker
    08-18 03:20 PM
    On Aug 17th the message changed to "On Aug 16th Card Production Ordered...."
    when should I expect the card in mail?

    For me and my family, it took exactly 11 days for the cards to arrive after the CPO mail.

    6 days from CPO mail I got the Welcome Notice or Approval notice.

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  • brshankar
    08-07 11:47 AM
    Ok guys, I got a bunch of red dots.. what more can you expect from people whose comments are as below...
    bitch, wtf "Rolling_Flood"

    stop making dumb arguments. if you don't like this thread stay away from it.

    you have no clue who gives you reds and greens, don't presume. plenty of people quietly read and can spot out the rubbish. and no one can give two reds in a row, so i'm another person. Glad to see acceptance finally that PhDs are being disadvantaged


    1. Rolling_Flood, with this temper I am sure you are going to piss off your lawyer with whom you would be working (if at all you do..) on getting portability removed.
    2. �if you don't like this thread stay away from it. Lots of people disagree, that does not mean that only people who agree with you can post here. Also, how will I know if I am going to like the thread or not without visiting it?.

    NKR Dude,

    I give you a green.

    Some guys dont have the guts to come out openly in the forum to accuse us because they know that they will be banned by moderators. They just give us red dots and call us all sorts of names like moron and ....... in private.

    Everybody has the right to disapprove a post but they have no right to use bad language.

    Hope these guys understand this is a forum for good cause and they are misusing it.



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  • indianabacklog
    06-18 02:44 PM
    I am copying into here a great document which I followed to the letter for filing my adjustment of status in May. It is prepared by a major state university who have dozens of people each year going through this process. Thought it might be helpful to some of you.


    The primary applicant and all dependents must each file the following documents. All checks/money orders should be made payable to the �Department of Homeland Security� and stapled to the top left-hand corner of the Form I-485 (Application for Permanent Residence). Place documentation for each application in the order listed below.

    1. Form I-485 (Application for Permanent Residence) and fee. Fee is $325 for each person aged 14 and over, $225 for each person under the age of 14. Check box (a) in Part 2 of the form. Form
    I-485 Supplement A is not required unless you are illegally in the US.

    2. Fingerprint fee ($70) for each applicant aged 14 to 79. USCIS will send notification of time and place for later fingerprinting. Fee may either be included with the check/money order for the Form I-485 or written as a separate check/money order.

    3. Two color passport pictures (click here). Staple an envelope with photos to the lower left corner of the Form I-485.

    4. Form G-325A (Biographic Information).

    5. Sealed I-693 (Report of Medical Examination) and Supplement to I-693 completed by a certified USCIS Civil Surgeon. Children under 14 years of age do not need the x-ray or blood serology.

    6. Evidence of valid nonimmigrant status. Prepare an outline or �history� of all prior periods of stay and visa status in the U.S. Include copies of related documents
    (I-20s, IAP-66/DS2019s, I-797s) and 2 year home residency waiver letter, if applicable.

    7. Photocopies of I-94 (both sides), passport identification, passport validity/extension, and US visa pages.

    8. Photocopy of Form I-797 Approval Notice, showing approval of I-140 Immigrant Petition for Alien Workers. If you are filing while the I-140 is pending, write CONCURRENT FILING on the cover sheet and mailing envelope. Be sure to attach a copy of the I-140 Receipt Notice.

    9. Photocopy of birth certificate showing parents� names. Passports are NOT acceptable substitutes for a birth record.

    10. Photocopy of the marriage license of the primary applicant and spouse.

    11. Photocopies of divorce decree(s) and/or death certificate(s) from all prior marriages of the primary applicant and spouse (if applicable).

    12. Current employment letter for the primary applicant. Letter must certify continuation of permanent employment, starting salary, and duties.

    13. If family members are applying, Form I-134 (Affidavit of Support) must be completed by primary applicant on behalf of any accompanying family members. Be sure to include documentation. Employment-based applicants do NOT file Form I-864.

    14. If you or any family members are applying for work authorization, Form I-765 ($180 fee) must be completed. Download page 10 only. Staple an envelope with two additional photos to the lower left corner of the I-765. Mark (c)(9) in question #16.

    15. See attachment on travel to determine whether you wish to file Form I-131 for Advance Parole.

    16. Cover sheet listing all documentation.

    NOTE: Any document not in English must be translated and accompanied by a translator�s statement. You should not translate your own documents. The translation does not have to be notarized, but it must include the certification of the translator. The following is an acceptable example of certification:

    I, [name of translator], hereby certify that I am competent to translate from the _____________ language into English and that the attached/above is an accurate translation of the original [birth/death/marriage] document.

    Signature _________________
    Name of translator _______________
    Address: ______________________
    Telephone: _____________________

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  • like_watching_paint_dry
    06-15 10:28 AM
    Get over with it bunch of whiny losers. Someone can can and is willing to do the job cheaper than you.

    Think from your client's perspective:

    1. Why should he pay you more if he can get someone for cheaper price?
    2. Are you willing to do the same job for the salary that is offered by TCS, WIPRO?
    3. If you screw up , who is responsible? What can you do to mitigate damage? TCS/WIPRO can replace the whole team at free of cost to make project successful.
    4. YOU guys want to leave companies at will but the companies should not replace you at will?

    If you were bringing in value to the client that they cant get from TCS/WIPRO then you will have the job. Get some more skills, be best in the business and be smart. Know what it takes for long term success. You have to be on your toes all the time.

    STOP whining, you are just wasting time. All the best!

    The competitive angle did occur to me. There is no reason a business should not look for ways to cut costs. However, this is a question of fairness & legitimacy. A L1 visa person living in a low cost country and coming here temporarily on short-term assignments can make do with lower wages because he likely does not have to support a family here at the US cost of living, and L1 spouses can work. This is not fair to a H1 with same skills whose H4 spouse cannot work, and for the same reasons it is not fair to USC/GC folks. Isn't that why we currently have all this labor certification processes and DOL laws? Those laws are designed to level the playing field. It is not easy for the company to outsource entirely, so they break the law by abusing the visa. Why should we not act to stop this illegitimate corporate action?

    If that does not sound reasonable, let me ask you this: Why should USCIS and law-makers even consider taking steps to address green-card backlogs, adding resources to process more cases more quickly when they can just sit there and collect fees from you for visa / EAD renewals?


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  • alexa
    05-16 08:14 PM

    I'm in trouble situation, maybe somebody can give advice.
    I can file I-485(Eb3 March 2005). But my wife & daugther basically out of status. Their H4 visas were not extended.
    Before june bulletin I was thinking to go back home with my daughter (she is under 18) and try to get visa in consulate. It was attorney advice. Also he suggest to file for an asylym for my wife.
    Now I'm going to file I-485 for whole family regardless what attorney will tell me.
    Is it good idea to go directly to uscis office and ask them (can I file)?
    And what will happen if their apps gets denied?

    Any ideas?

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  • immigrationvoice1
    10-18 02:49 PM
    Credit report check is not part of the name check.

    Thank you very much lazycis.


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  • Robert Kumar
    04-01 06:07 AM
    If these #s are released, lets say 12K, or whatever:
    How will these affect the processing times.
    I guess these cases that qualify are all propbably pre-adjucated. In that case will it increase the processing time for PERM, I-140 and 485 stages.
    How will EAD and AP extensions get affected.

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  • anotherone
    02-01 06:53 PM
    These people might be able to help, provided
    a) You have EAD
    b) The employer refused you a job based on the fact that you have EAD.
    Needless to say if they reject your for the position based on anything else, all bets are off. So I guess one needs to be able to prove that they were refusing you because of your EAD. I am not a lawyer, so please take all this with a grain of salt.

    Immigration-Related Unfair
    Employment Practices (OSC)


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  • DallasBlue
    07-11 01:44 PM
    I know it is hard to believe, but according to the tracking number below, Mr. Gonzalez signed for delivery of my flowers today.

    See below:(click on view package progress)


    Amazing it should be on the frontpage of IV.

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  • pappu
    08-04 07:46 PM
    I am researching this topic and will post more as I find answers


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  • pansworld
    07-09 09:37 PM
    Greeting Cards to the Vice President Cheney who is Senate Chair and the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

    Let them read it to the Congress.

    08-21 02:02 PM
    Read the visa bulletin for the past 3 months.

    and thanks for the red dot. .. I am in indian .. so a red dot really goes on me :)

    There is no mention of apology in past bulletin. Any other doc you are aware of?

    I gave you a green. Hope it makes you happy

    07-11 12:18 PM
    If you participated in the flower campaign and if you are in the Broward county area in Florida - please contact Ruth Morris of the Sun Sentinel ( asap.

    She needs to file a story on this today. Her contact numbers are

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