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  • antihero
    04-06 04:23 PM

    If economy rebounds by summertime itself, it means less pressure on immigrants from anti immigrant lobby and govt. Govt will be more inclined to grant GCs to immigrants.

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  • kala
    11-22 06:19 AM
    Hi Zelwyn,
    Im interested in pixel art. I work with several clients who need "Hightech/corporate" icons for company applications and websites.
    Could you send me some examples of your work which will suit my needs?

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  • kkh1b
    09-30 05:47 PM
    Below is my situation;

    Last project ended July 17 and am out of project since then and my last pay check was for the week of July 17. I was sent a termination letter and my employer said that he will not revoke my H1B and told me to transfer my H1B ASAP. I have been trying to do a H transfer from then on but no company is willing to do since I don't have a project and every one told to find a project first.

    Finally I found a project but now employers are not willing to do a transfer saying that I don't have pay stubs for almost two and half months. A few employers are suggesting to file a new H1B.

    What would be the best course of actions in my situation.

    Thanks much for all your feedback.

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  • rkthoka
    06-11 03:45 PM

    My Mother in law appeared at hyderabad US consulate and IO told her that she got visa but asked her to come up with new passport, becoz some letters in her current passort has faded out.

    Is this happend with any one? and what we do in this situation after getting new passport?
    I mean do we need another appointment or just go with new passport and drop?

    Please through some thouts.



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  • indyanguy
    09-03 12:07 AM
    Theoretically, it's possible. However, if there is a Ability 2 Pay issue during 485 adjudication, would you be able to take care of it?

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  • ganguteli
    03-22 12:18 AM
    When did you file labor and when it it approve?


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  • desigirl
    12-17 09:09 AM
    Dec 16th The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Official Website | Current Events & Pop Culture, Comedy & Fake News (
    Every Segment is a treasure!

    Stewart Spends Last Show Of 2010 ENTIRELY On 9/11 First Responders Bill (VIDEO) (

    It is truly funny to have a comedy show asking the tough questions while the media plays it safe!

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  • kevinkris
    09-22 01:00 PM
    You can always volunteer i guess..

    Can we work for a Charity Organization without getting paid while on H1?

    The work would probably be 2 hours a month.



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  • invincibleasian
    02-19 05:25 PM
    Wait for an RFE. Otherwise ignore. First rule never provide any additional information than what is required.

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  • ngopikrishnan
    11-22 02:04 PM


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  • bharmohan
    05-23 07:54 AM
    Hello Gurus,
    I have filed my PERM through my employer and they mis-spelled my name wrongly. How can I correct this. Still my labor is in pending condition. My employer says we will change it once got approved. But is there a way to correct it before it gets approved?. Please advice me.

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  • gjoe
    10-03 04:14 PM


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  • dilbert_cal
    05-21 02:37 PM
    Please do not create New threads for visa bulletin.

    Please post your message in

    Mods - please close this thread.

    On a side note, it might be a good idea to call up and write to lawmakers even if your PD is close.

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  • reachag
    08-24 12:35 PM
    As far as i know this fee does not apply from second extension on with the same employer


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  • Blog Feeds
    11-25 08:50 AM
    The Chief of Staff of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service’s (USCIS) Fraud Detection and National Security (FDNS) office explained three different types of site visits being conducted by USCIS.

    Risk Assessment Program Fraud Study: program is part of a study to help design profiles of potential fraud. Family-based petitions or employment-based petitions once approved are randomly selected.

    Targeted Site Visits: this visit is to ask questions when fraud is suspected. Advance notice of visit is given.

    Administrative Site Visits: for religious worker and H-1B programs. Specific questions generally regarding the beneficiary’s job duties as stated in the petition and whether the beneficiary is receiving the wage as stated on the petition.

    More information on the site visits is available at (

    More... (

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  • h1b_forever
    03-03 10:47 AM
    Thanks Pappu for setting this up.

    I am looking for a Job in the Detroit Metro area. I have 14 years of experience as Architect, Project manager on Entrprise level projects working on SOA/WebServices/Java EE/System Engineering

    If anybody has leads, please message me


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    03-24 09:34 AM
    Greencard requirement says one has to reside 183 days per year to maintain continuous residency requirement.

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  • bharmohan
    05-24 08:06 AM
    Thanks for the response. I appreciate it.

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  • dkshitij
    06-07 12:32 PM
    my first PWD was submitted on feb 8 and it came back apr 8. the wage was too high. so a new pwd was submitted on apr 16. it came back today with a proper wage.

    02-10 10:43 AM
    Can you get AP when you are out of status anytime during your stay in USA, if you get AP can you travel outside USA and enter back using it.


    12-05 12:00 AM
    jaytubati - I have teh same situation, I already got my EAD card and I-130 approved documents. But today I got duplicate receipts for both I-765 and I-130 with rfe for photograpgh

    Can you please shre your experience, what action did you took and what was the otcome? Any suggestions? thanks in advance

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