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  • kiwi
    09-26 10:33 AM

    July 2nd filer and hear nothing.

    Faxed congressman�s office yesterday (Tuesday) morning. The immigration staff called back right for more information. She said she would make an inquiry through her channel.

    She called me just now (Wednesday morning): my application is lost � meaning USCIS can�t locate me in their system. This is not new. She probably just called the USCIS customer service line but they can�t say crap like call back after 90 to 120 days. The staff was told that USCIS asked to give them a week to do some inquiry into their system and she will call me back next Wednesday.

    On Monday, my attorney has sent an inquiry to the local Senator�s office on the 4 pending cases he has filed. Not heard anything back yet.

    Given all the crap I have heard from USCIS customer service, I have NOT made a single call. That would have not made any difference on the fact I am not on the system anyway.

    Will post back if there is development.

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  • gc12292004
    10-01 11:16 PM
    Finally....the wait is over. I got my approval notice on 28th and my wife got it today.

    Wish all the best for those waiting!!!!

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  • andy garcia
    04-18 11:11 AM
    Thanks for the replies fellas, this isn't a renewal I am talking about. This is the first time I have applied for an EAD. BTW, does anyone know what's involved in converting from H4 to EAD status i.e.
    1. Do you need to apply for SSN before you take a job offer?
    A. Yes, you can not start working w/o a SSN

    2. EAD by itself is enough to accept employment?
    A. No, refer to 1

    3. Can you take jobs/resign as and when you please or do you have to somehow get back to H4 status if you quit job on EAD?
    A. You can work wherever you want to.
    4. Does use of EAD by H4, change non-immigrant status of H1 worker?
    A. No, it does not.



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  • GC08
    07-09 09:01 PM
    Actually I thought they will not accept flowers. But for courtesy and humanity touch they are forwarding. Because of these atleast flowers have some purpose without wastage. This campaign will not have any impact on functioning of USCIS as they are following law. These mistakes are common in every Government organisations and time time mistakes are being corrected. Even congressional hearing happens and finds mistake they will prevent future mistakes like this. It is unlikely for affected persons to get relief immediately. But Many persons will get relief automatically on oct 2007 when DOS sets Cutoff date. I expect cut off date for EB3 2003 or 2004 and for EB2 2005.

    I just felt that they did something that most people would not understand. I think the mess today is the result of a series of missteps they took. They not only mismanaged the whole green card thing but also mismanaged the public relations. Hopefully, they have learned from all these dramas. :cool:


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  • franklin
    07-09 09:01 PM
    Seriously guys you would be taking a chance as to who they make fun of and even if they do choose Emilio Gonzalez it wont be sending the right message. I'm South African so I have no experience, but surely this isn't what the Gandhigiri message was all about anyway.

    Do you know who Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert are? Have you any idea what their political stance is?! I am assuming not.:cool:

    To respond to Smitha regarding reluctance to protest. It is perfectly legal to peacefully protest. In fact, it is a right.

    One could even argue that the reason America is politically the way it is, is that the government is not afraid of it's citizens, and the power that they have if they wielded it correctly in the true democratic fashion.

    If no one protests, nothing changes. You have to fight for what you believe in.

    Are you sure you want to leave, its sounds like you'd fit right in!

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  • skynet2500
    07-09 09:26 PM
    I think this is significant. USCIS director came to know about this even before the flowers reached him. Keep up the good work.


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  • EB2DEC152005
    08-17 02:30 PM

    I sent emails to Ombudsman, NSC and SCO. Did not contact congressman. Opned SR's for me and my wife. Twice took Infopass, they have been pre-adjudicated, that's all.

    All I got till now from USCIS is standard scripted emails.

    When is my turn, God bless me

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  • like_watching_paint_dry
    06-13 08:52 AM
    Of course yes its for our interest BUT don't forget that its against a violation. Tomorrow if the same organization brings resources in H-1B/EAD/GC/Citizenship we are not going to complain about it ... because its within whats allowed by the law, I think thats the purpose of having rules ... to have a fair playing ground ... think abt the havoc/chaos these companies could create by bringing people without any visa (illegally across borders) and talk about 'closing the doors and me not brought up that way', do you think that anyone including you would support that???. Here the purpose of L-1B visa is misused and blindly violated, so lets move in the right direction, we are not asking all L-1B visas to be banned BUT to investigate the abusal of that visa category and we are just pointing out the incidents where we think its getting violated. Lets see who is on right/wrong side. We'll leave the decision part to ICE/USCIS/Other agencies involved.

    I think you are doing the right thing here. My question .. what are the typical signs you need to watch out for to determine L1 violations are happening? How do you collect information / evidence that ICE or USCIS could find helpful and act upon?


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  • sledge_hammer
    11-25 01:38 PM
    gO learn the concept of supply and demand before asking a question as to why banks are lowering their appraisals!

    Yes, I do agree that we should have some sense of personal responsibility and that is why the middle way is to rent out the house (probably at a bit lower price than your monthly mortgage) and pay the difference from your pocket - if you have to absolutely move out from the house. But, can somebody answer my question above..........why is the same house (not even a brick changed) being appraised at around 100k lower than it was done 2 years back, by the same bank??

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  • gccovet
    09-10 10:41 AM


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  • pat123
    09-20 03:28 PM
    RD: 7/20/2007
    ND: 9/19/2007

    So our NDs are very close to each other (9/17,18,19), perhaps it is pre-adjudication that is going on? Are y'all NSC as well?

    I am not sure what is happening. When I went to USCIS during Infopass, the officer at the time told me that my case will be looked upon when the notice date comes up.
    MY priority date is april25 2006 and the notice date was 09/18/2007. I didn't believe him. Even I raised the question in one of the forums and other guys shot me down saying the notice date is not important. But now I got an LUD on 09/19/2007 and that was the reason why I raised this question to you as well as HIINVIN66. I am assuming that the applications are looked upon based on the notice dates. If they under EB2, pre adjudcated and visa numbers availaible, MAY BE MAYBE we get green cards. IF not, We have to keep our fingers crossed. Let see what happens.....

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  • ag11
    09-18 07:27 PM
    Hi ag11,

    I got the same approval notice. But online status showing as Card Production Ordered. What does it say for you? Do you see any difference in the status between you and your wife?

    Hi Ohguy

    What status changes have you seen on your case so far?


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  • InTheMoment
    08-20 11:49 PM is USCIS involved in this other than adjudicating cases and providing statistics to DoS as far the EB3 allocation issue is concerned?

    Why are you guys taking about USCIS's interpretation of the law ??? What have they to do with it ? :eek:

    **** The interpration is done by the Visa Office of DoS. **** Should get in touch with them.

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  • pappu
    01-08 09:52 AM
    wonder why are we not writing letters to Michael Aytes?:confused:
    We are writing to the highest authority (President) and then contacting all top administrative officials who will be deciding and advising on our provisions.


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  • hpandey
    09-23 04:42 PM
    There seem to be 19 applications from 1998 and 25 applications from 1999. I wonder how come these have not been approved in 10 years while their dates have been current almost all the time. Either these have been abdandoned or are not approvable.

    I think its time for USCIS to do some cleaning up also to close applications where the applicants are no longer there , have abandoned the applications , left the country and so on. That would surely reduce some of the stuff from the queue.

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  • eb3_nepa
    07-10 10:44 AM
    I still think, the USA is the best place for democracy loving people. Govt and its agencies try their best to be accountable to law. Now if you want our Immigration issue to be put before IRAQ in the Congress, I would think that is selfishness. I have colleagues whose sons are in IRAQ. For me their lives are more important than my GC. Now that does not mean we stop making our point to Congress.

    Vinabath i do NOT expect the nation to put Legal Immigration before the IRAQ WAR. Ofcourse I do not expect that. What I am trying to point out is that this is going to be a LONG LONG ongoing issue and if not the war, there will be OTHER issues like the presedential elections etc.

    On another note, the US is a capitalistic economy. If you are not selfish, ur a nice guy and nice guys finish LAST.


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  • akhilmahajan
    05-16 11:47 AM
    I Am Sure This Has Been Answered Many Times, But I Have Not Been Able To Find Any Information About This.

    As A Consultant, One Has To Travel To Different Places For Different Projects.

    So What Happens To His/her Gc Process.

    What I Have Been Reading Here Is That The Place U Get Your Labor/i140 Cleared And If U Move U Have To Get It Again.

    I Am Novice In This Area And I Hope I Am Asking The Right Question.

    I Will Really Appreciate If Someone Could Shed Some Light On This Issue.


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  • gc_on_demand
    09-16 11:36 AM
    WOW that is good.. by nov they will clear all backlog ..( Pending more than 1 year ).. from June 2009 name check will be cleared in 3 days..

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  • sc3
    08-20 11:58 PM
    Guys why dont you get it???

    EB1 is the most imp for US, followed by EB2, followed by EB3?

    Why should USCIS follow the approach of oldest priority first? without any regards to the EB categories?

    EB categories were created for a reason, doesn't matter how smart you are. If you are in lower skill category your wait is bound to be more. I don't see anything wrong in that.

    If EB1 is current and EB2 takes 4-5 years you can't just start crying. Similarly if EB2 takes 2 years and Eb3 takes 7-8 years you can't panic. Stop being a cry baby and start respecting the inter EB level priority.

    Well sir, let me disabuse you of that notion. Eb3-other workers is ahead of EB3, and that in itself flies in the face of your assertions.

    Why should USCIS approach oldest priority first? Well because that is how the law is. The law only affords you the initial set of numbers all the spill-over numbers from another category is supposed to be used in a FIFO manner.

    You have made other comments about being cry-babies etc, I could respond to that in more than kind, but I will not, because I refuse to get distracted beyond sane arguments. And BTW: respect, not unlike trust, is to be gained, not asked to be followed.

    10-06 01:11 AM
    @ SOP

    Can you please provide me the sequence to call TSC using the POJ method? Based on what I read earlier in another thread, it was mentioned to choose option 4 which is to reports cases that were seperated. I tried that, reached an IO. IO told me that I should not be calling that number to check the status of my case. Do I need to choose another option?


    POJ method can be used for all cases that are current and in the processing window...just keep on trying ur luck and I am sure you'll land a decent CSR who will be much much more useful and worth your trials and efforts.
    Be persistent and you have every right to be after all you came this far.
    Write to Janet Napolitano and mention that you are unfairly getting delayed and that you want to know what is holding your application and all checks and clearances done and visa number is available...

    05-24 12:10 PM
    My father tried to get a Non Availability certificate but they told since the birth is registered they can't issue one and that they also won't change the name...:mad: (after the incident where that MP tried to sneak people into Canada they are very strict it seems)

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