Buds and Blooms

    My new job is keeping me very busy, but I am enjoying it.  As with anything new, there is a lot for me to learn.  My walks through the park in the evening are even more important to me now to help me fight stress and unwind at the end of the day.  I want to share with you a few pictures from my yard and from the park from this week.

    The first of my daisies have begun to bloom.

    From the number of buds on the plants, it looks like I will have an abundance of them very soon.

    These two shrubs (or maybe one's a shrub and one's a tree?  I'm not sure.) are blooming now. 

    The light pink one on the right has been out for quite a while and the blooms are starting to fade. 

    Just as they are fading, the darker pink buds and blooms of the shrub on the left are just opening.

    This is what the shrubs looked like during the winter.

    By the time I am home from work and have had dinner with my family, it is often starting to get dark before I head out for a walk.

    We've had a lot of rain lately, and there is still standing water in places.  I liked the way the light from the lamp post reflected off the puddle along the walking path in the park.  I tried different settings on the camera to see how it would affect the photos.  These three photos were all taken within moments of each other.

    The fragrance from the lilacs as I walked past them was heavenly (In my imagination, in my own personal view of heaven, there will definitely be lilacs).

    I wanted to get a picture of these flowers earlier in the week, but didn't have my camera then.  Now they have been through several hard rains, and they have taken quite a beating.  They are soggy and hanging their heads now as a result.  The color is still pretty at least.

    Every once in a while, I like to look up when I am walking just to see what I will see.  I liked the way the leaves of this tree stood out against the dark sky on my way back home.

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Buds and Blooms

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