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  • angelfire76
    11-04 10:34 AM
    Good talent is sought after. So if one is really good, multiple companies would want to get them to work for them. That would result in multiple labor petitions.
    Good talent also needs to make up its mind as to which company to stick to. The "future job" labor petition is so full of holes that its misused lot more than its used.

    Individuals who are scared (company not reputed; they had issues in the past; or any other reason) tend to approach multiple companies and have them file a labor for them as a "backup".

    These "backups" are the ones clogging the system right now blocking genuine petitions from getting approved / denied quicker. Otherwise even at the rate at which the DOL works, I would think a decent time for petition approval/denial under PERM would be 8 weeks instead of 16+ weeks right now

    Someone gets laid off from their initial sponsoring company finds another sponsor and files a subsequent labor.

    This should be a pretty genuine case, which should survive any audit. No worries here.

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  • jcrajput
    09-26 09:56 AM
    I called them again and they said they don;t have more information. Wait for the package which they sent back and call after that if you have any questions.
    Anyone has idea what "Other reasons" could be?

    Thank u for your interest.

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  • spatial
    08-20 07:31 PM
    Not excatly. eb3_2004 has posted the link of INA. You will find more interesting things if you read through it.

    Non-descrimination rule is clearly spelled out in Section 202 (a). I assume this rule should be generally applied to all applicants, no matter which categories they are falling, unless other rules specifically provided in paragraph (2) and in sections 101(a)(27) , 201(b)(2)(A)(i) , and 203.

    INA does not say to spillover unused visas first to EB2 then EB3. I assume USCIS and Department of State should treat each EB applicants equally (based on their priority dates, not based on EB categories) in according to INA act.

    It is likely the misinterpretation violates the law. We need some one which more professional knowledge to read through it. Can some core member help?

    if a change in interpretation is done intentionally, then USCIS admits they were allotting visas incorrectly during the previous years...if it were a public company, lawyers would be climbing over one another to file a class action suit...unfortunately all we can do is write letters, make phone calls and pray :rolleyes:

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  • amitjoey
    07-11 01:41 PM
    I know it is hard to believe, but according to the tracking number below, Mr. Gonzalez signed for delivery of my flowers today.

    See below:(click on view package progress)




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  • sparuthi
    09-09 07:24 PM
    Got Greened on the first day of September. It was a pleasant surprise to see an SMS from USCIS on my mobile.

    Applied in 2006. So a wait of 4.5 yrs relatively looks short (but was a long one)

    Good luck to all who are waiting to be greened

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  • Macaca
    10-16 02:48 AM
    CNN Shifts Slot for Dobbs ( By BRIAN STELTER | New York Times, October 16, 2007

    CNN will move �Lou Dobbs Tonight� to 7 p.m. from 6 p.m. and introduce a three-hour block of the late-afternoon show �The Situation Room� next month, the network said yesterday. The unusual decision to move Mr. Dobbs � the host of CNN�s second-most-popular hour � is intended to bolster the perennially low-rated 8 p.m. hour recently vacated by Paula Zahn. The former NBC anchor Campbell Brown is scheduled to be the host of a new 8 p.m. program starting in February. �The move will put Campbell�s new show in between our two highest-rated programs,� said Jon Klein, the president of CNN/U.S. The only program with more viewers than �Lou Dobbs Tonight� is �Larry King Live� at 9 p.m. �The Situation Room� will be broadcast from 4 to 7 p.m. In the schedule shuffle, CNN risks losing the loyal audience for Mr. Dobbs�s passionate coverage of immigration, outsourcing and politics. Mr. Klein said Mr. Dobbs and Wolf Blitzer would repeatedly promote the changes ahead of the Nov. 5 move.


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  • sachin76
    01-03 03:26 AM

    I have my visa appointment at Mumbai for H-1B stamping on January 10th 2008. Is dealy happening only at Chennai center or it is also happening at mumbai center.

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  • ab_tak_chappan
    08-22 11:50 AM
    By sending so many flowers over and over again you are only going to piss off people and expedite retrogression :D:D. Live the real life instead of reel.
    lets ignore all the negative comments in this thread and stay focused.

    Lets start with letter campaign and see what happens when new year starts. Does somebody has a letter drafted and ready to send out?



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  • drirshad
    01-04 03:16 AM
    Long but must read ...............,0104-endelman.shtm

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  • sc3
    08-22 02:17 PM
    please ignore the dots...the important thing is to make the lawmakers aware of the issue. As mirage mentions we should send a letter to the rep Logfren, (i have mailed the letters), we just want them to be aware that there is an issue, ROWs please send them too, you will also be impacted. Nothing against EB2's or the comments they have passed so far, we dont want to undermine your visas, the idea here is simply to make the lawmakers and DOS/USCIS aware of the problem.

    In a way DOS/USCIS have opened a pandoras box because EB3 as a whole will see slower approvals leading to a larger number of countries stuck in the process across a spectrum of countries. earlier it was mainly india, china and mexico. If visa allotment policy holds then you will see more countries getting retrogessed.

    Thanks for your replies guys. I don't care about the dots, but I do care about not disbanding IV or derailing its objectives. I haven't in any post questioned or asked people to stop supporting IV, so I am indignant about being charged that I am undermining IV efforts.


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  • desi485
    11-17 09:00 PM

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  • akhilmahajan
    06-15 02:35 PM
    It says approved I140........... Mine has not been approved yet and has been filed with TSC since March, 07.......... I dont think i will be getting an approval soon........... I am just curious, that i can still file my 485.......... Please let me know........

    yes you are correct .. but if you have them ( photocopy ) no harm in including .. just to show that u have maintained a legal status through out ..

    any help in employment letter please


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  • webm
    03-26 01:23 PM
    My wife recently started working using EAD. The HR folks there are well aware of EAD as there are people already working there on EAD. They did not have any issues with EAD. The only thing that they were saying from the begining is that they cannot sponser H1B and also the only thing they asked is whether she work authorization in this country. When she submmited the I9 form, the HR person just remained her to send the copy of EAD everytime she renews it

    Its the same situation happened for us too..

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  • NKR
    08-07 01:18 PM
    Yes, I agree that not filing GC earlier is not an excuse for MBA. The point is he still would have been in the same situation (EB3, 2003 is not too different from EB2, 2005) in terms of how fast he will get his GC.

    The law would allow him to port his EB3 PD just like how it is doing now. he will not be in the same situation, isn't this better now?


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  • CADude
    09-24 09:30 PM
    Dear Mr. XXX,

    Pursuant to our conversation today, I am forwarding the reply from the Nebraska Service Center of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) regarding our inquiry into your application for Adjustment of Status (I-485).

    Our office initiated an inquiry into your case as a result of your correspondence dated September 12, 2007 sent to Congresswoman Maxine Waters. If you receive or do not receive a notice of action from CIS within the next 30 days please notify our Immigration Caseworker, Blanca Jimenez at ext. 18.

    Thank you for contacting the office of Congresswoman Maxine Waters to assist you in this matter.


    Blanca Jimenez
    Constituent Services Supervisor
    Office of Congresswoman Maxine Waters (CA-35)
    323.757.8900 ext. 18
    323.757.9506 fax

    Good Morning Ms. Jimenez,

    I do not show that we have data-entered Mr. XXX�s I-485 yet. The I-485 must be in line to be data-entered because we receipted an I-765 (LIN-07-245-XXXX).

    The I485 application is still pending at this office. Although the Department of State Visa Bulletin indicated visas were available for most employment categories USCIS still has to adjudicate every application. NSC has approximately 26,000 I485 applications that may have a visa available and we are reviewing them as expeditiously as possible. This application is in line to be worked but it will take time. Please allow an additional 45 days for NSC to adjudicate the application. If you have not received a notice from NSC after 45 days you may submit another inquiry.

    Thank you,

    Congressional Liaison
    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service
    Nebraska Service Center

    Respected Ms Waters,

    Sub: USCIS inefficiency for Legal Immigration

    I send my I-485 AOS application to USCIS and received on July 2nd 2007 at Nebraska Service Center, Lincoln, NE.

    It's almost approx 75 days since the application received at USCIS and have not received the Receipt Notice or any notification from USCIS.

    I tried to contact Customer Service at USCIS. They don't provided any information. USCIS website updates show they are processing 08/01 or later for AOS application. They are not following the First In First Out(FIFO) order.

    I need help of your good to know the status of my I-485 application.

    Thank you,

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  • omved
    06-25 08:26 PM
    I need some help from you guys..

    What would be the answer for :

    Were you inspected by Immigration officer under part # 3 on I-485 application?

    I really appreciate your input..




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  • wc_user
    10-12 06:42 PM
    wow.. I finally got my receipt numbers.. I called USCIS and it seems it was just entered into the system today. It starts with LIN...

    EB3 India
    PD-Dec02, I-140-Nov06 TSC
    July 2, Got the receipt for I-485 and EAD today

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  • h1b_forever
    09-18 10:47 AM
    The lawyer paid the fees, so I do not have any information about the checks.

    Did you see your checks cashed?

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  • belmontboy
    04-01 11:19 AM
    not to hijack the conversation - but at some point, IV needs to distinguish between a donor, a contributor and a freeloader.

    e.g. donors get access to all threads, contributors specific threads for which they have contributed and freeloaders general threads only. i guess that means setting up contributions at the thread level - not sure if thats possible right now.

    Right. I have been a proponent of making "ask lawyer" section paid service (ex: 5$ per question). This generates additional revenue for IV. People normally spend 200$/hr to talk to lawyers anyway.

    12-05 05:17 PM
    AMY GOODMAN: Another guest that you�ve had on the show�now, this is a very important point, and this is one that you would agree that you�ve covered, and that is Arizona�this is very important�the Protect Arizona Now referendum. In late 2004, it was revealed that the new head of the national advisory board to Protect Arizona Now, an anti-immigration organization, was a longtime white supremacist who was also an editorial advisor to the racist Council of Conservative Citizens. Although Virginia Abernethy�s controversial selection was reported prominently in virtually every Arizona paper, and despite the fact that Lou Dobbs heavily cover the anti-immigration referendum that Protect Arizona Now was advocating, you never mentioned the affair at all, her controversial selection as head of this group.

    LOU DOBBS: And she was featured in how many reports?

    AMY GOODMAN: The point is, you covered Protect Arizona Now extensively, and this is certainly significant, when it turns out that the head of the board of Protect Arizona Now is�

    LOU DOBBS: And when was the last time she was on the show?

    AMY GOODMAN: No, the important point is, you didn�t report the news of this very controversial�

    LOU DOBBS: Is it possible�

    AMY GOODMAN: �racist woman who headed Protect Arizona Now, which was virtually in every Arizona paper. The question is�

    LOU DOBBS: Concurrent with our reporting?

    AMY GOODMAN: �what you report and what you don�t.

    LOU DOBBS: Concurrent with our reporting?

    AMY GOODMAN: Of course. This is in 2004. The point is, what you report, Lou, and what you don�t report.

    LOU DOBBS: Well, you know, Amy, I don�t know what to tell you, because, you know, based on your focus here today, you have focused on probably three or four reports, as best I can figure, out of more than five years of reporting on the issue. If that smacks at all to you of reasonable proportionate journalism on your part, I mean, God bless you. If that�s what you believe, God bless you. But I think you�re coming from an ideological position that has just absolutely skewed that perception and that perspective.

    AMY GOODMAN: I admit my ideological position, which is that I think that the Council of Conservative Citizens is a racist group, and it�s problematic�

    LOU DOBBS: OK. And I think that you are a wonderful, pure and absolute infallible human being.

    AMY GOODMAN: �not to identify guests that you have on your show that are connected with this group.

    LOU DOBBS: Unfortunately, I am a fallible, and I am a man who has made some mistakes. But the reality is, the body of work stands for itself, and you know that. And the reality is, the facts are irresistible. Illegal immigration into this country is absolutely not in the American interest. And that is a reality you�re going to have to contend with.

    JUAN GONZALEZ: Lou, no, that fact is not clear. You know, first of all�

    LOU DOBBS: Not to you.

    09-15 10:29 AM
    Thanks folks for your wishes. I had not been active on the volunteering side due to multiple reasons and other day to day challenges and career.

    I agree with a lot of people in the community that it is a challenge to balance a challenging personal life, especially in a country like America where regular day to day life poses many challenges.

    In the green card process, the challenge is just not about one needing a job to fulfill day to day needs but to secure a future for him/her and family.

    A lot of people I have come across through IV have been absolutely amazing in stepping up and doing what they do and this platform provided by IV (Aman, Pappu, Jay etc..) has been a blessing for all of us.

    I have written to IV core that I will continue to support IV and its activities.

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