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  • sprash
    11-12 08:34 PM
    Just sent the 4 letters.
    Hope it helps!

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  • desitechie
    09-15 02:31 PM
    I want to move from reliance to airtel or trueroots before deciding on vonage. Can someone tell me as how good is airtel 1c/min offer? hows the quality to india and other countries?


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  • whitecollarslave
    03-26 06:47 PM
    You still did not get it. Without evidence of discrimination it would be difficult to fight against... Forget this for a moment, in any law based battle you have to have a evidence. It is not that I do not want to fight or somebody do not want to fight. How could you make the base for fighting? This other guy, with his sheer luck (And with Capital One's stupidity) could get written evidence and so he has a valid base to fight against. And without evidence, whatever you write to whomsoever authirities, it would just be a blabbering. Even as one platform if IV decides to fight against this, IV team (Or lawyers whom we appoint) will ask the evidence first to make the case. Other thing, do not forget, what we could achieve in July 2007, the base was definately a first screw up from USCIS ( That is an evidence...). Once that screw up happened we could right away make it a reference and could make it a battle point.. Do you still understand or you do not want to understand?

    I do understand that without evidence you can't fight the conventional way or file a law suit. It would be difficult, if not impossible. I am not debating that. I never said it would be easy. Even with evidence (in case of Capital One), one can argue if thats a good enough base for fighting and whether it will do any good if the case is won. Thats not the point.

    What would you do if a recruiter or employer told you (verbal or writing) that it is their policy not to hire Indians? (I am just using India as an example).

    Regardless of written evidence, I would be inclined to do something about it. I am not saying that I will file a law suit. I would probably not even want to work for such an employer. But I will not be speculating that oh, there must be some loophole that allows employers to have such a policy; because many of them are saying that, it must be legal. I will not assume that they can do this under "Hire and fire" authority. We just seem to have a little difference in opinion about that. We agree on pretty much everything else. Thats all. And frankly, its good to have an opposing perspective on things.

    Now, if I hear from experts that my understanding of the discrimination laws is incorrect and that it is legal for an employer to say that they will not hire somebody with EAD, I'll just shut up. Until then, I will encourage people not to be quiet and to call the hotline, file a complaint, call the media, and pursue whatever means we have at our disposal to fight what we consider injustice and fight what we believe is discrimination as per the law.

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  • gjoe
    08-07 10:12 AM
    I guess everybody should support Rolling and Sunny because this initative will create an opening for all other immigration issues.
    Everyone waiting for years to get their GC has a real reason to think why USCIS didn't do their job right.
    I would say if Sunny and Rolling stone really file a lawsuit, it is like they turning the spotlight on USCIS and from there the rest us can work to bring more light to the bigger issues with USCIS


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  • jags_e
    07-09 08:03 PM
    Sending flowers is a nice way of showing protest.

    Gandhi's methods are aimed at changing the heart of adversaries by doing good to them.

    So, a blood donation drive is also a worthy next step to this.

    But we also should make sure that the news is spread to common people too.

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  • gsvisu
    07-11 12:44 PM
    I just spoke with Xiyun Yang from Washington Post and conveyed thanks for covering a detailed article. She expressed that there is attention being drawn by many quarters including political for "Skilled LEGAL Immigrants".

    Also we need to emphasize & communicate is the "increased fees" (almost doubled in many cases) for all USCIS services effective end of this month (July 30). Is this the penalty to be legal ?

    The rallys and campaigns should emphasize this important detail too. This is huge money and not fair to the amount of service that is being currently provided.



    What are your comments guys ?


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  • knacath
    09-23 06:57 PM
    The total number of applications excluding EB2, EB3 are 7,653.
    The total visa's per annum -> 140,000
    Considering that there would be more applications during the year from non-retrogressed countries/categories is evident now that there won't be more than 5K such applications. On pessimistic side even if we consider 10K such applications, The visas available for retrogressed EB2 and EB3 should be around 120K this year.
    Total pending EB2 is 74,932. So EB2 should be Current for all countries this year.
    EB3 should get around 40K visas this year.

    Any one disagrees?

    I thought each EB category could get upto 28.6% of 140000 = 40000 visas every fiscal year. So if EB1 uses up 5000 and EB2 takes the remaining 35000 and its annual allotment of 40000, EB3 does not get any spillover.


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  • nkavjs
    09-26 09:41 AM
    This is bad. Sorry @ it. I would suggest you calling Uscis again today for more info.


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  • chanduv23
    11-04 10:22 AM
    Lets this stay on top

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  • shukla77
    01-10 08:58 PM
    Wow.. I am super motivated now..I am gonna try the same with the people who work for me and see how it works.... just kidding... :D:D:D:D I will send letters on saturday...

    Good Luck

    IV has not done anything that could have a negative impact on your green card processing. IV is striving hard to change your lives.

    Shame on those who are scared or pessimistic. All you people do is to gaze at the sky and wait for the stars to fall.

    If you are so scared - how will u raise your children? What will u teach them? Cowardice? Will U teach them to run away from issues? Will u teach them how to not cooperate?


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  • cbpds
    04-05 04:51 PM
    If I am not wrong, buffering wud be to take in new 485 applications, process them and keep them ready.

    In that context, most of the applications till 07/07 have been preadjudicated, new buffer wud require dates to be pushed to 07/07 or later.

    If they add EB2ROW Fall across numbers(6-8k) from first 6 months it will be 20K towards EB2IC backlog. USCIS may need buffer since all pending cases are not pre-adjudicated and some cases will be denied.

    20k can clear all back log until 01-JAN if they need buffer they can move to 01-MAR-2007( 2 months or 5k) or 01-MAY -2007 (4 months or 10k), worst case can go to 01-AUG-2007(7 months or 15k)! my guesstimate.;)

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  • prashantc
    01-31 07:35 AM
    Dear Vamsi, SVK, NK, Shahuja, Abuddyz, and all eligible visa aspirants:

    I just got an email from the Chennai consulate, 29th day from the interview, stating the visa was stamped today:

    "Thank you for your e-mail.

    Our records show that your visa was issued today, January 31. You
    should be receiving your passport/visa soon.

    Visa Information Unit
    American Consulate General

    Chennai 600006, India
    Telephone: 91 44 2857 4242
    Fax: 91 44 2811 2027


    This means there is light at the end of the tunnel. Please have faith in your abilities, and in your God. You will hear back soon.

    Moral of the story: "Never use a Consulate in India for visa re-validation again."

    Please learn from this story, and never again trust Consulates in India for extension purposes.

    God bless you all.:)


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  • MahaBharatGC
    11-26 12:04 PM

    Guyz, this is what my theory about Responsibility.
    Any loan is 100% risk in theory.
    In Debt-based economy (such as US primarily) Bank (or lender) has obligation to verify if the loaner is capable of paying the monthly mortgage. Especially when they are giving 0% down and false documentation (HIGH RISK LOANERS) they assess that mortgage highest risk.

    Now, there are financial institutions who will combine the all these mortgages into big pile and spin-off into mortage-backed securities. There are agencies rating these into A+, A++, A+++, B+ blah blah...

    Watch PBS network for this.

    These securities are bought out by some other companies (may be good companies who never would have loaned these HIGH RISK LOANERS).

    Now this goes on goes on and crosses country boundaries in the current global economical CHAIN.

    Everyone thought that (blindsighted) Mortgage prices are going to go up no matter what. But if you are not creating jobs which will drive internal growth of these economies how are you going to get more DEMAND?

    Hence, when US market goes down, Japan suffers, China suffers and India too (software exports cutback etc).

    So, the level responsibility and ethical conduct applies to EVERYBODY in this chain.

    We are all part of it directly or indirectly weather we say yes or no. The naysayers do not know complete picture, I assume. Even I do not know complete picture yet.

    However, common sense will taught you to be FAIR. So, anytime you say, I want to MAKE MONEY there is a catch of MIGHT LOOSE MONEY. Take anything. Even currency note says, IN GOD WE TRUST.

    May God Bless Everyone!

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  • reno_john
    05-26 06:58 PM
    the number in red on your visa, it will be on the right side of the visa page,


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  • sparky123
    07-11 10:18 AM

    I also think organizing a protest/rally in DC is an excellent idea. I live in the area and will be sure to join.

    Can we have a poll for this?

    1) Rally in DC on a weekday (Monday would be the best. But except friday anyday should work)

    2) Rally on a saturday

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  • pod1
    04-01 04:08 PM
    How long is FBI background/name check taking these days?


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  • chandooo
    10-09 09:39 PM
    At last, after 10.5 years, 4 employers, 2 Labor filings, 1 Perm and 2 -I 140 (One from my employer and one from my spouse employer),1 - I485 filing, 2 SR, 1 senator request, 1 infopass - Got the mail - CARD PRODUCTION ORDERED for self, spouse and son.
    What to do now? I dont know, for the last many years, used to think everyday about this 'CARD' and now nothing else to think about. May be, I should start thinnking about ????
    But for now, Just going to relax and savor the moment.

    Thanks for all the Guys, Gurus, Seniors, Juniors and all who contributed to the various discussions. I am pretty sure that I cannot stop logging to this website even I got my 'Card'. I will try to help you guys in some way or the other.

    My priority date : April 25 2006 Eb2
    Received date: Aug 08 2007
    Notice date: Sep 19 2007
    I485 Approval date : Oct 4 2010

    congrats bro stop thinking let it(life) curise for a while then think .................

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  • baleraosreedhar
    08-21 05:11 PM
    Hi All

    I think we should not loose hope and feel USICS will wake up and resolve all this mess

    1) 4-6 years back there was big mess of labour blachole: people started rasing their voices, companies started writing letters and finally they started BackProcessign centers, streamlined process and finally labours were approved

    2) I 140 was taking hell of a time: people started writing letters and ther esult was Premium processing( Even though they have s toppe dit now but still USCIS had listed to us and gave a path to resolve our issues)

    So taking all these into perpective, I think all EB3 folks should not loose their heart, but we should make an effort to appraise USCIS,Congress,Senators of the pain of EB3 folks who are waiting for a long time to get their american dream realized.

    So dont get dishearted or loose ur focus by others comments, no one dreamed in 2003 that labours will be approved,but still they got approved.So today we maybe facing lot of negative vibes and comments that it snot going to happen and no law tells the EB3 should get their visa's before EB2.So my fellow EB3ians PLEASE write as many letters as possible, as many calls as possible to make it happen.

    It all starts with a dream, a zeal to achieve it.So I think it is possible if we make a collective effort .

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  • eb3retro
    10-13 04:00 PM
    have not been following this thread so deep. Looks like if someone introduces the other person to vonage service, does both of them get 2 months free? if yes, could someone refer me. pls me me. thanks.

    08-17 12:44 PM
    Your Case Status: Decision

    On August 17, 2010, we mailed you a notice that we had registered this customer's new permanent resident status. Please follow any instructions on the notice. Your new permanent resident card should be mailed within 60 days following this registration or after you complete any ADIT processing referred to in the welcome notice, whichever is later. If you move before receiving your card, please call our customer service center at 1-800-375-5283.

    During this step the formal decision (approved/denied) is written and the decision notice is mailed and/or emailed to the applicant/petitioner. You can use our current processing time to gauge when you can expect to receive a final decision.

    Case Status changed to Decision..with the above message today.

    After 2 failed marriages (i mean with 2 different companies)...some risk-taking ..coz, i left my second employer after crossing 200 days since filing I-485 , Used EAD and took up full-time employment with an awesome organization , and then later 2nd employer revoking I-140 that lead to an RFE ...and USCIS keeping the status Response received since Jan 2009 ...and now this ...after opening an SR on 08/10..Looks like it took an exact week since the SR was created.

    Of course, my roller-coaster was a small one compared to the rest of the friends in this forum.. Good luck to all and thanks to one and everyone.


    10-18 10:32 AM
    More info

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