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    May 4 2011
    Hollywood, CA – For a little while Johnny Depp became the star he never wished to be. Like other actors of his generation, Depp started life as a quirky and eccentric performer, an actor seemingly more interested in experimentation than in becoming a johnny depp
    celebrity. In many ways Depp’s choice were antithetical to most actors as he not only chose quirky roles but seemed to actively reject stardom, doing just about everything he could to sabotage his own success. Success though found Depp despite his best efforts.
    By the time the first ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie was released in 2003, Depp had already become a prominent figure, a respected and well-liked actor who drew crowds to theatres, small crowds, but crowds nonetheless. That all changed with the release of the first Pirates movie which catapulted the actor into the stardom he had fought so long to avoid, making him for a short time one of the biggest stars on the planet. As it does with all celebrities though, eventually that success was found to falter, and now more than a year removed from his biggest hit, the billion-dollar smash ‘Alice in Wonderland’, Depp has hit a wall with movie after movie yielding disappointing results. Now, Depp has possibly found a path towards redemption, by going back to the beginning and starring in the film remake of ’21 Jump Street’, the show that started his career.
    “He’s in, he’s in. It took a lot of negotiating and a lot of dealing but we finally got him. We are so excited not only because it’s great for the movie, but also because we have the chance to put Johnny back where he belongs,” said an insider on the movie. “We worked hard on the deal and worked really hard to make his character work. He made 21 jump street
    it clear that he wasn’t going to return if the role didn’t click but we made it work. Johnny has such a great dedication to the art of filmmaking and we are so happy to have him aboard.”
    The film, which also stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, will be released in March of 2012.
    “Him being in the movie really cinches things together, really makes work creatively. We thought we had the movie locked until Jonny came around. It was a little annoying at first, but the way he pushed us made us make the movie better. Now it’s going to be the movie that fans have been waiting for,” continued the insider. “There was a moment when we just thought that it wasn’t going to work, that his objections to things were going to sink the idea, but it was Johnny himself who made peace. He made it clear that he wanted the role and the movie to work. He pushed it forward and he made it great, and hopefully we all reap the benefits of that, Johnny most of all.”
    Depp starred on the show between 1987 and 1990.johnny depp old
    “These television remakes have never worked all that well, but this could be the exception. With talent like Hill, Tatum, and of course Depp it would very well be the best of these types of remakes and could wipe away all those bad memories from the past, particularly if they get the story right. That’s the key,” said Scrape TV Entertainment analyst Tracey Temple. “It would be nice to see Depp back at the top again. Even in his success he has managed to remain quirky and interesting and it’s great to see that kind of dedication to one’s craft received some success. We’ll have to wait until next year to see, but this could be the one.”
    Depp will appear in another pirate movie later this year.

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